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Q: Which word do you use when you run with the soccer ball at your feet?
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Is nike better than addidas in soccer cleats?

yes because in soccer you can control the ball better and run faster because of the shoes thickness. addidas cleats are wide and the ball slips out of your feet

Can you run with the ball in Kinect sports for soccer?


What is strength in sport?

Strength in sport is using all your body parts and interacting along with basketball you run to go get the ball and try to shoot in the hoop; soccer you run to go get the ball to score in the goal; football you run to get the ball to go into touchdown; tennis you run to smack the ball using a racket; volleyball moving you feet to hit the ball over the net...basically you using all your energy in a sport

Why cant Cinderella play soccer?

cause she run away from the ball

Which came first the rugby ball or soccer ball?

The soccer ball. Rugby originated when, in a game of soccer William Webb-Ellis picked up the football and started to run with it, players chased him and the crowd loved it and so it started. Thank you William.

Is garter ball and pick up soccer the same thing?

NO gaeter bal is where you can eather tag run with the ball whin is different bc pick-up soccer you find odd playeds out of no where to play soccer

How do you kick a corner kick?

Back up about ten feet and run quickly at the ball. You must have your eye on one of your teammates. Get your cleat up under the soccer ball and swing around as you kick. The ball should go about head high and your teammate should headbutt it into the goal.

Why is flexibility needed in soccer?

to be able to run and kick a ball and do there celebrationary dances :)

How would zebras play soccer?

as the zebras run they would kick the ball

What are the best soccer cleat?

I love nike soccer cleats. They have padding in them and are easy to run in and dont pinch your feet.

How should a soccer player able to dribble and score?

You should be able to dribble with both of your feet. you should be able to run with the ball not a tight dribble until a player gets on you and shoot from the 18.

How are soccer and football different?

Soccer you can't use ur hands u use ur feet and in football u use ur hands and ur feet to run

What types of sports are there?

there are sports like soccer,football,tennis,softball,baseball,dodgeball,skiing,swimming,and a TONS more. but those are some examples baseball and softball you try to hit the ball with a bat and run a home run and soccer you try to shoot a goal with your feet and no hands and football you use your hands to carry the ball and try not to get tackled and score a touh down so there are all kinds of sports. If you are planning on playing one and do not know wich one to play i recommend playing soccer! ;)

What is kinetic energy in soccer?

Anything from a person's legs kicking the ground to run, or kicking a ball.

What does through ball mean in soccer?

Through ball is a type of pass in soccer which may be played along the ground, or in the air. It essentially means that the ball is played "through", to the other player, i.e they run on to it. It is played "through" the defense, and is hard to cut out. Whoever has the most pace will win the ball.

A baseball cleats the same as soccer cleats?

Nah, Baseball cleats have a toe spike in the back so that when you bat the ball you don't trip. If it is used in soccer then when you kick the ball you will get the toe spike stuck in the dirt. Also, Soccer shoes are more sleek so that you can run faster. Baseball cleats are mainly mean't to run on the gravely dirt at baseball rings.

Why is balance needed in soccer?

so you dont trip or fall while trying to handle the ball or run .

When the golf ball is above your feet what will it tend to do hook or draw slightly slice wildly or run along the ground?

Depends how you hit it. As a result of the ball being above your feet the ball will naturally hook.

What is the midfielders job in soccer?

The job of a midfielder is to run up and down the field and help with kick-offs, and pass the soccer ball up to the forwards to score a goal.

Is hitting a baseball the hardest sport?

no it isn't kicking a soccer ball is. it is a baseball because you have to trow a ball hit run to a base and slid

Was a soccer ball crossed with a football invented?

well the story goes that, when William Web Ellis picked up the soccer ball at the school of rugby in England in the 1824 and started to run with it, the head teacher said to him "if you pick up that ball again I'm going to shove that ball where the sun don't shine. Being a rebel as he was William did pick up that soccer ball again and what happened next is how that football took it's shape.

What are some disadvantages of soccer?

Some one that's may have stiff muscles can be hard for them to dribble or run with the ball

Do Selena Gomez like to play soccer?

Yes because she love to play and run out side to kick a ball

Why do they need rules to volleyball?

All sports need rules. Otherwise in soccer they would just run with the ball.

If an MLB pitcher throws the ball and it bounces at the batter's feet and he still swings and hit a home run does it count?

Yes, it does, unless it bounces off of his feet. If it is off of his feet, he will take first base. If the ball is near is feet, then it counts.