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NO gaeter bal is where you can eather tag run with the ball whin is different bc pick-up soccer you find odd playeds out of no where to play soccer

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Q: Is garter ball and pick up soccer the same thing?
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Can you pass the ball to your GOALY if your a defender?

In soccer, yes but if you pass the ball to the goalie they can't pick it up

Does the goalie have to pick up soccer ball with their hands?

no the goaolie doesn't HAVE to they can also kick it

Can a soccer goalie pick up a ball in the penalty area when his feet are outside?


How do you sew a hollow sphere?

Take a look at a leather soccer ball, or a volley ball to pick up some clues

Was a soccer ball crossed with a football invented?

well the story goes that, when William Web Ellis picked up the soccer ball at the school of rugby in England in the 1824 and started to run with it, the head teacher said to him "if you pick up that ball again I'm going to shove that ball where the sun don't shine. Being a rebel as he was William did pick up that soccer ball again and what happened next is how that football took it's shape.

Can a goalkeeper in soccer pick up a ball that has been chested back to him?

Yes it can be done, as it is not a back pass.

What has changed about soccer from when it was first originated?

You used to be able to pass the ball back to the keeper and he could pick it up

Can a soccer goal keeper put the ball down then pick it back up?

No. A goal keeper is allowed to dribble the ball, and this is not considered the same as "putting it down."

Are speedball and soccer fouls the same?

Speedball and soccer have similarities since the same type of ball is used in each game and is kicked across a field. However, players can pick up and throw the ball in speedball as well.

Why is the wavelenght of a moving soccer ball not detectable to the naked eye?

The wavelength of a moving soccer ball is not detectable to the naked eye because it is too small. Since the wavelength is smaller than the human eye can pick up, it cannot be seen.

Is throwing a ball kinetic energy?

yes any thing pick up is kinetic energy

When is the goalie allowed and not allowed to pick up the ball in indoor soccer?

when he is inside the designated area wether it be a semi circle or a bigger box

Can you set a pick in soccer?

yes No

How do you clone yourself in halo 3 please tell me?

you have to make a cloneing machine.u use 4 shield door and put a soccer ball in it and make a gun turret nexet to it and lower u shields and pick up the turret and die bye the soccer ball

Is soccer better than basketball?

It depends what you think if you think soccer is better then pick soccer but if you think basketball is better then pick basketball. I a rep soccer player so I like soccer because I can score goals and go to tournaments.

Can a defender head the ball back to the keeper in soccer?

Yes, and its also one of the only cases where the goalkeeper can use his hands to pick it up from a pass from the defense.

When can a goalie touch the soccer ball in a game of soccer?

As long as she's not past the second line she can grab it but if she passes the second line in front of her she has to kick it out their is a big box which is call the penalty area. The keeper can only pick the ball up in this area but not when their own team mates intentionally passes it to them

What is a pick and roll in basketball?

== == A pick and roll starts out with one player with the ball. Then another player, usually a center or power forward, will come up and screen or set a pick (same thing) on the guy defending the man with the ball. The man with the ball will then "roll" (run) to the basket along with the guy who sent the screen, and the guy will pass the ball to the guy who set the screen, giving him a scoring opportunity.

Can a soccer keeper pick ball up if defender passes within box?

A goal keeper may not handle the ball if it is passed to them from the feet of a team-mate. If they do, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opponents at the location of the handling.

Can you wipe your golf ball on the green?

mark your ball pick it up wipe it put it back pick ball mark up no stroke penalty.

Is there a situation in soccer when the goalkeeper may not handle the ball inside the penalty box?

Yes. If the ball is kicked to them or thrown-in to them directly from a team-mate. If the goal keeper releases the ball from their hands they cannot pick it back up again until another player touches it.

Is basketball better than soccer?

It depends what you think if you think soccer is better then pick soccer but if you think basketball is better then pick basketball. I a rep soccer player so I like soccer because I can score goals and go to tournaments.

How do you hold the ball once you have marked it off the green?

The best thing to do is to pick it up, holding it in full view, and walk away and set the ball down gently out of the way. Then you pick it up and replace it, this way you will not leave yourself open to any accusations.

In soccer can a goalkeeper kick the ball from outside and pick it up by hands?

It depends on how the goalkeeper received it. If the goalkeeper received it from a deliberate kick or a throw-in by a team-mate, then no. Otherwise, yes.

Who is Bono's favorite soccer club?

Pick one that is American.