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AUSTRIA was the first country to win the Olympics in swimming.

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Q: Which was the first country to win the olympics in swimming?
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Who was the last country or person to win swimming in the Olympics?

ERM what the

Who was the First country to win Olympics?

Clara Hughes was the first person to win the olympic games

What country won the first gold medal in the modern day Olympics?

Gold medals were not awarded in the first Olympics of the modern era. The first gold medal was given at the 1904 Olympics; the country to win the first one was the United States.

What event did Dawn Faser win at all these Olympics?


The first Asian to win gold in Olympic-swimming?

I know that the first Asian to win a gold medal in the men's 400m freestyle was Tae Hwan Park of South Korea who was also the first Korean to win a gold medal for swimming at the Olympics. He also won a silver medal in the 200m freestyle - he was beaten by Michael Phelps. He won these medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Has England won the Olympics?

No country can "win" the Olympics.

What happens if you win the Olympics?

When you win the Olympics your country wins £75 million pounds

How many medals did England win for swimming in the Olympics in 2008?


What country did win in the Olympics in 2009?

There were no Olympics held in 2009.

What was the first country to win gold?

The first country to win a gold medal in the modern olympics 1896 was the U.S.A. It was won by James B. Connolly in the hop,skip,jump event.

Did Jesse Jackson win four gold medals in swimming in the 1936 Olympics?


Did Jesse Jackson win four gold medals for swimming in the Olympics?


Which Olympics did the US win every swimming gold medal?

St louis

Who is the first ever Punjabi to win medal in Olympics?

abhinav bindra is the first Punjabi to win a medal in Olympics

Who was the first African to win a swimming gold medal in the Olympics?

Cullen Jones won a gold medal in the 4x100 freestyle relay in 2008.

How do you get in to the Olympics?

First you have to find your skill. For example if it was swimming then you sign up for a swimming club and go to competitions and if you win some and move up to the next level then then next and the next then eventually the Olympics starts watching you then as soon as you know it your in the Olympics! This depends on your skills and how good you are in your state/county.

What country was the first to win a medal at the Olympics?

USA (1896 James Connelly - Men's Triple Jump)

Did Jesse Jackson win four gold medals swimming in the 1936 Olympics?

no,he didn't.

What is the maximum amount of gold medals a country could win in the 2014 Olympics?

There are 97 events in which a country can win a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is possible, though highly unlikely, for one country to win them all.

What country has won the most Olympics at a single summer Olympics?

A country doesn't technically "win" the Olympics as the point behind it is to bring the countries together.

Who was the first Australian athlete to win a medal in the world wide Olympics in 2008?

== == In the SUMMER Olympics, I think it was Stephanie Rice. Steven Bradbury was the first Australian athelete to win gold in the Winter Olympics. It was for the 1,000 metre short track speed skating in the 2002 games. Australia is the only country in the southern hemisphere to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

What country did win in basketball in 2011?

None there are no Olympics in 2011 in 2012 there will be the summer Olympics and in 2010 there was the winter Olympics.

Did Portugal ever win the Olympics?

If you're asking if Portugal was ever granted the honor of hosting the Olympics, no. The first Olympics in a Portuguese-speaking country will the the 2016 Rio de Janeiro "Summer" Olympics.

How many swimming Gold medals did Australia win at the Bejiing Olympics?

6 gold medals.

What did the winners on the first Olympics win?

The first winners of the Olympics won an olive wreaths or crowns.