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Women first started swimming in the Olympics in 1912.

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Q: What year did women's swimming become an olympic event?
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What year did womens swimming become an event for the Olympics?


Is swimming an Olympic event?

yes swimming is an olympic event

When did synchronized swimming become an olympic event?


Where did swimming first become an Olympic event?

swiiming became an olympic sport in 1896

What swimming event did Stephanie rice do in the olympic?

Stephanie rice's event is Swimming 200m

What is the Olympic Swimming event called the Fly?

the butterfly

An Olympic event that have a judge?

Swimming, gymnastics, iceskating

What olympic event starts with the letter s?


What Olympic event is the 100-meter freestyle?

It is a swimming event for both men and women.

What year did snowboarding become an Olympic event?

Snowboarding became an Olympic event in 1998.

What year did the luge become a olympic event?

Luge as been an Olympic event since 1964.

What year did tennis become an Olympic event?

Tennis became an Olympic event the year of 1896

Is swimming a summer Olympic game?

Yes it's the biggest event.

When did the first olympic swimming event began?

In the modern Olympics, that was 1896.

Which Olympic event includes the fishtail crane flamingo?

synchronized swimming

Rebecca Addlington won gold olympic gold in which event?


What is the most popular event in Olympic Swimming?

probably the 100m freestyle...

A summer olympic avent?

Fencing is a summer olympic event, as well as swimming, canoeing, water polo, etc.

What olympic event was first introduced at the 2008 summer games?

I heerd it was swimming

What length of the longest event in women's Olympic swimming?

800 Meter Freestyle

When did Taekwondo sparring become an Olympic event?

Taekwondo sparring became an Olympic event in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics. It started its Olympic beginnings as a demonstration event in 1988 in Seoul.

When did basketball become an olympic event?


When did baseball become a Olympic event?

In 1992

When did shooting become an olympic event?


Why did hockey become an Olympic sport?

it became an olympic event in the summer of 1920

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