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It was Arsenal, under Herbert Chapman in the 1930s

Arsenal was not the 1st to play under floodlights. the first club was Portsmouth at fratton park vs sheffield wdnesday

Not true, Arsenal did install floodlights under Herbert Chapman in the 1930s but were never allowed to play under them - they were banned by the FA. It was seen as an unfair advantage.

The first official use of floodlights in the English professional game was at Fratton Park, Portsmouth v Newcastle United in 1956.

However. if you want to know the actual first English team to play under floodlights it was Thames Ironworks an amateur club in London played many games between 1895 - 1898 under floodlights. They were not actual league games but they did play against Arsenal in a friendly match. When this club eventually joined the Southern League they were asked to stop playing under floodlights. They did and stopped in 1898. In 1900 this club became known as West Ham United.

Seeing the European Cup (current Champions League) didn't begin until 1955

You could count Arsenal's 1951 friendly against Hapoel Tel Aviv at Highbury in 1951 16 lamps were used to light up Highbury. The first under permanent floodlights were the ' the floodlight friendlies' the games Wolves played in 1953 and 54. against top sides from Europe the likes of, Spartak Moscow, Dynamo Moscow and Honved of Hungary. The first game to mark Molineux's new floodlights was against a South African XI. This was followed by games against Racing Club Argentina and Maccabi Tel Aviv, all televised by live by the BBC.

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Q: Which was the first English football team to play in Europe under flood lights and what year was it?
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