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English Football

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Q: Which was invented first American football or English Football?
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Who was the Chinese person who invented football?

the English invented football

Did the Chinese invent Football?

the English invented football writing the rules for it in 1863.... if you notice on alot of the European clubs badges (Barcelona, ac milan) they have the English flag on their badge, this is because English people started up these clubs. Nope, it is likely that the English developed the modern game. No,English invented football

What was the name who invented football?

It was invented by the English.

Who made English football?

It is not really known who invented English football as it was invented very long ago. Richard Mulcaster was described as "the greatest sixteenth century advocate of football".

Where was the modern game of invented?

Football was invented by the English.

When was Ron English - American football - born?

Ron English - American football - was born on 1968-05-21.

Why is football considered Australian?

Australian rules football (commonly locally called "footy" and which is vastly different from English football, rugby league, rugby union, or American football) is considered Australian because it was invented and developed in Melbourne, Australia.

Why is soccer important to England?

Because the English invented the modern game of football and they take pride in that and the rest of the world loves football to.Its the same for Americans and their American football, they think its important but the rest of the world thinks they are stupid for calling their sport American football, football, which it is not. Plus no one in the world likes American football and everyone likes real football. Its important to every country not just England.

Where was football discovered?

The first form of the football was the English Rugby's ball.

What kind of football do they play in Australia and Africa?

I wasn't aware there are different kinds? But if you mean American/English football they play English football.

Is football connected to England?

English football (or soccer in American) originated in England.

Who invented football in the 1870's?

It is believed that the english did.