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A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball of rubber. A ball of solid steel will bounce higher than one made entirely of glass. It is a common misconception

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Q: Which type of material will bounce the highest a tennis ball or a rubberball?
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Which ball can bounce the highest a basketballbaseballor a tennis ball?

a tennis ball

How does a tennis ball's material affect its bounce?

by the kind of rubber

What type of tennis court makes a tennis ball bounce the highest?

Artificial court I think .

What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?

a tennis ball will bounce the highest as in sports or a bouncy ball bounces higher than that

Which ball is going to bounce the highest tennis ball basketball or soccer ball?

I believe a basketball

How do you play topspin in table tennis?

You must hit on the top of the ball at the highest point of the bounce.

Type of ball bounce the highist a tennis baa or a basketball?

A tennis ball will bounce the highest because it is smaller. The smaller amount of mass that it has the more it will bounce and the higher it would get. For example, when you put air into a ball the more mass it builds up but, when the ball is flat it would not bounce.

Can the tennis ball only bounce once in tennis?

Yes, the tennis ball is only allowed to bounce once.

What will bounce higher a tennis ball or baseball?

Test is!. A tennis ball is going to bounce higher.

What surface will a tennis ball bounce the highest?

definitely a hard court, grass courts and clay courts are slower

Why does a basketball bounce higher than a tennis ball?

because a tennis ball is not used for bouncing. it's used just to hit so there for it has no reason to bounce. And also it's material is different and it does not bounce off air being inside of it. ( ha smart ain't i )

Why do tennis balls lose their bounce when they get wet?

when tennis balls get wet they get heavy and the bigger it is the less bounce.

Will a basketball bounce higher than a tennis ball or will a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

It really depends how hard you bounce either one, but i think the tennis ball.

Which ball bounces higher. golf ball hockey ball tennis ball or cricket ball?

Its a fat foot ball tennis ball my balls bounce the highest

Which surface does a tennis ball bounce the highest?

well i would have to say cement...because wood has more give when hit

Does the brand of tennis ball affects it's bounce?

no the brand of a tennis ball does not affect it;s bounce because the only way for something to affect a tennis ball's bounce is if it's dead or not.

Why do tennis balls bounce lower when they get colder?

because tennis balls turn in to ice when cold, and then dont bounce.

Do tennis balls bounce?


Tennis serve bounce?

You bounce the serve diagonal from you once into the box.

Will a basketball or a tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

will a basketball or a tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

How high will an orange tennis ball bounce?

Color does not affect the bounce. Purple tennis balls bounce as high as green and yellow tennis balls. It really depends on the type of ball.

Which bounce higher tennis ball or soccer ball?

Tennis balls.

How does a surface effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

if it is rough it will bounce lower and it is smooth it will bounce higher

How many times may the ball bounce in your court of tennis?

1 bounce

Why does Tennis Ball bounce?

Tennis balls have a high bounce because the pressure inside the ball is greater then the pressure outside of the ball.