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It is currently unknown, but you can check the standings daily at

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Q: Which teams will head to the 2010 NBA playoffs in which seed?
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What seed was the 2010 Green Bay Packers?

They were the wild card team in the playoffs. They finished the reuglar season 6th seed.

Can a wild card team get a bye?

No, only the first and second seed teams in each conference get a first round bye in the playoffs

How many NFL teams make the playoffs?

They changed the playoff format in 2020 and now there are 7 teams from each conference. The #1 seed in the conference gets a bye and they added an extra wildcard team.

How are the 8 teams in conference scheduled in playoffs IN THE NBA IS the 1 seed matched with the 8 seed?

it goes 1 vs 8 2 vs 7 3 vs 6 4vs 5

How many teams make the NFL playoffs?

They changed the playoff format in 2020 and now there are 7 teams from each conference. The #1 seed in the conference gets a bye and they added an extra wildcard team.

Is it possible to have 4 playoff teams from the same division in the NFL?

It is not possible to have four teams in the same division in the playoffs. The way the playoffs are structured, with each conference having 4 division winners and two wild card teams in the playoff mix, means that the maximum numbers of teams from any one division would be three. This has happened several times since the NFL went to its current playoff structure in 1992. The most recent is this year, 2013, when three teams from the AFC West qualified for the playoffs. The division winner and overall number 1 seed Denver Broncos, the fifth seed Kansas City Chiefs and the number 6 seed, the San Diego Chargers.

What does seed mean in the NFL?

Seed means the position ranking for each NFL team that makes the playoffs. Six teams from the NFC and six from the AFC are ranked 1 - 6 seeds. Based on each teams record during the regular season or if they have won their division determines how high they are ranked/seeded. Winners of their divisions get the highest rankings 1-4 seeds and the last two teams with the best records over the other teams in each conference get the final two wild card seeds 5-6. The 1 and 2 seeds in each conference get the first week off from the playoffs while seed 3 plays seed 6 and seed 4 plays seed 5.Seed is synonymous with rank. There are six seeds in each conference, corresponding to the top 6 ranked teams at the end of the regular season.

Are the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs?

Yes. They are the number 1 seed in their conference and got the first round bye for the year of 2009-2010.

What are the NFL play offs?

a bracket is set up by looking at every teams record and seeding them. there r 2 conferences the AFC and NFC.6 teams in each conference go to the playoffs. the division winners automatically make it to the playoffs. then they look at the records of the teams that didn't win their division and select the best 2 teams out of those to play the 3 and 4 seed in the first round which is called the wildcard round.the 1 and 2 seeds get to skip that round.if a team loses in the playoffs once,they're out.the second round is called the divisional round.the 1 seed would play the winner of the 4 seed and wildcard team game since that team earned it.however, if the winner of the wildcard game between the 4 seed and wildcard team is in the same division as the 1 seed they will play the 2 seed instead, forcing the 1 seed to play the winner of game between the 3 seed and wildcard team.the 3rd round is called the AFC/NFC championship. the winners of the conference championships will play each other in the superbowl,and thus we will have our winner. the playoffs are designed to see whos the best of the best.

How many times has a 1st seed in the NHL Playoffs won the Stanley Cup?

7 Teams have won the Stanley Cup since the Presidents trophy was incorporated in the NHL in 1976.

What seed were the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2005 playoffs?

For the 2005 playoffs, the Steelers went in as the sixth seed. They won Super Bowl XL after winning in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Denver.

What is the format for the NFL playoffs?

The NFL Playoff is a single elimination tournament. There are six teams from each conference in the playoffs. Four division winners and two "wild-card" teams. these six teams are seeded by their record. The top two teams have a first round bye.The NFL Playoff system is a four game tournament culminating with the Super Bowl.The top team in each Conference Division automatically qualifies for the playoffs. In addition, the two non-division winning teams with the best record qualify for the playoffs as wild card teams. The playoff tournamnet is a sudden death tournament. You lose, you go home.Teams are seeded in the playoffs, ranked 1-6. Teams are seeded by division record, so the team with the best record is the seeded1st, the 2nd best record is seeded second, etc. Division winners are always seeded higher than wild card teams, regardless of record. The top two teams per conference (those teams with the best records) receive byes for the first round of the playoffs. The remaining teams, seeds 2-6, play in the first round of the playoffs.Wild Card Weekend The 1st round of the NFL Playoffs is known as Wild Card Weekend. In the wild card round Team 3 plays Team 6 and Team 4 plays Team 5. The higher seeded team is the home team. The winning teams advance to the Divisional Playoffs.3rd Seed vs 6th seed4th seed vs 5th seedDivisional Playoffs In the Divisional Round of the playoffs, The first and second seeds play. The number one seed plays the team with the lowest ranking.1st seed vs lowest remaining seed2nd seed vs highest remaining seedConference Championship The remaining teams in each Conference (the AFC and the NFC) square off for the conference title. The Winners of the Conference Championship will move on to the Super Bowl.The Super Bowl The AFC Conference Champion versus the NFC Conference Champion.Whoever wins goes on to the next game and the loser goes home.There are six teams from each conference that make it to the playoffs. They are seeded 1-6 according to their records. The 1 and 2 teams get a bye week in the first round of the playoffs. Whatever two teams make it out of the first round play the other two teams in the second round. The winners of those two games go on to the conference championships. The winners of the conference championships go onto the superbowl

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