Which team won the inaugural IPL?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Rajasthan Royals

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Q: Which team won the inaugural IPL?
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Who was the captain of Team Jaipur which won the inaugural IPL Championship?

shane wane

Which team is Ipl inaugural winner?

Rajasthan Royals, led by Shane Warne, owned by Emerging Media, won the inaugral IPL tournament.

Which team won ipl 1?

Rajasthan Royals won the inagural edition of IPL.

Which team won the IPL 2011?

Chennai super kings won IPL 2011.

Which team has won 4 IPL?

Mumbai Indians the baddest team in the ipl edition

Which team won the ipl in ipl season 3?

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) won IPL Season 3

Which team won on the 2010 ipl match?

chennai super kings won the ipl 2010

Which team has won IPL 3 and 4?

Chennai Super Kings has won IPL 3 and 4.

Which team won by 10 wicket in ipl?

Many teams have won by 10 wickets in IPL,just couldn't understand your answer.

Which team won the 4th IPL?

mumbai indian

Which team won the 2nd ipl?

deccan chargres

Which team won ipl 2?

Deccan charger