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Rajasthan Royals won fair play AWARD in IPL 5!! :):)

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Q: Which team won the Fair play Award In IPl 5?
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Which team won the fair play award in the 2nd ipl?

Kings Punjab

Which team has bagged the fair play award three out of four times in IPL?

Chennai Super Kings

What is fairplay award in IPL?

An award given to the team that played the series in the most fair way.

Who has won the 2008 kingfisher fair play award in ipl?

Chennai superkings

Who won fair play award in ipl 3?

Chennai Super Kings

What is mean by fair play award in IPL?

Cricket is known as the "Gentleman's Game" and hence the word, maybe the concept of Fair Play award. Also being a team sport the teams are expected to show sportsmanship, follow the rules of game, be ambassadors of the game.

Which is the best team of Ipl 6?

Chennai Super Kings is the best team because they are the winner in fair play award, orange cap and purple cap. They are the first in league match also.#whistle podu#.

In ipl 2010 this team became the first team to play less than four overseas players in an ipl match in any ipl name the team?

Deccan chargers

Which IPL team does Jason Gillespie play for?

He doesnt play in the ipl. he plays in the icl and Aussie domestic league

How do you calculate fair play award in ipl?

The awarde would be decided based on the points earned by the umpires judging fair play, respect for the laws of the game and respect to their opponents. The award will involve a league-table running over the course of the season. The winner will be the team that, in the eyes of the umpires, has played fairest across all the regular league season. Each member of the winning team will be presented with a glittering precious trophy. The 'Fly Kingfisher umpires' would be the final authority on the award.

How many matches do each team play in ipl 4?

A team played at least 14 matches in IPL 4.If they qualify for the play offs,then if they will play about 15-17 matches.

Which IPL Team does Kevin Pietersen Play for?

Delhi Daredevils

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