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Q: The first-ever March Madness tournament ended in this day in 1939 The tourney is for what college sport?
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How do you abbreviate the word tournament?


Is a tournament the same as a tourney in the middle ages?


How long is the Scotties Tournament of Hearts?

The woman's tourney was 8 days long,

When was the last time IU made the Men's Basketball tournament?

I believe it was the 2008 tourney

How do you abbreviate tournament?

I've always used Tourney though I'm not sure if its proper.

Who originally coined the phrase March Madness in regards to the NCAA basketball tournament?

March Madness is a popular term for season-ending basketball tournaments played in March (Brent Musburger is generally regarded as the individual who first used that phrase in conjunction with the college tournament, using it during CBS Sports' coverage of the tourney back in 1982 - see below), especially those conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and various state high school associations. The phrase was not associated with the college tournament in 1939, when an Illinois official wrote "A little March Madness [may] contribute to sanity." March Madness is also a registered trademark, held jointly by the NCAA and the Illinois High School Association. The trademark has sparked a pair of high-profile courtroom battles in recent years.

What was the first national basketball tournament?

The first national basketball tournament was the National Invitational Tournament, the NIT. It preceded the start of the NCAA tourney. The first year of the NCAA Basketball Tournament was 1939.

What team has qualified for the March Madness tournament more then any other?

Through 2013, Kentucky has qualified for the NCAA men's basketball tournament known as "March Madness" a record 52 times. The next closest team is North Carolina with 44. And 2013 marks the tourney's 75th year, meaning that Kentucky-- en route to its eight titles (second most)-- has been in more than two thirds of the tournaments thus far.

Which states have the most teams represented in the 2009 NCAA tournament?

Ohio. Ohio has 5 teams in the tourney

Who is the hottest team going into NCAA men's basketball tournament?

north Carolina they destroyed Oklahoma in the tourney

When and where will the 2010 SEC Women's Basketball Tournament be held?

Some sources have told me that the 2010 tourney will be in Duluth, Ga (site of the 2007 tourney), but I can not get a reliable confirmation from anyone. Why is it such a secret, I wonder....

What is another word related to tournament?

Other words with a similar meaning (synonyms) to tournament are contest, competition, event, tourney, game, play-offs, match

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