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Juventus lost to Real Madrid in the 1998 Champions League final.

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Q: Which team lost in the 1998 Champions League Final?
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Who did Arsenal loose to in 2006 champions league final?

Arsenal lost the 2006 Champions League final to FC Barcelona. They lost the final 2-0.

How many times has man united lost champions league final?

Manchester United have only ever lost one Champions League final, against Barcelona in 2009.

Who is the player which has lost champions league final fa cup league cup?

John Carew

What player has lost in a champions league fa cup and league cup final?

John Carew

How many times have man united lost champions league finals?

Manchester United have lost the UEFA Champions League final twice. They lost to FC Barcelona in 2009 and 2011.

How many times have Chelsea been in the champions league final?

Twice. They lost the first one to Manchester United in the 2007-2008 Champions League Final in Moscow.

Have Arsenal ever won the Champions League?

they reached the final but lost to Barcelona

Who lost in the champions league 1998?

Juventus Turin lost to Real Madrid despite of being a favorite.

How many times have real lost the final of the champion league?

Real Madrid have lost the final of the UEFA Champions league 3 times. They did so in 1962, 1964, and 1981.

Who did Sol Cambpell play for in a Champions League final?

He played for Arsenal against Barcelona in the 2006 Champions League final, he scored the first goal, but Arsenal eventually lost out 2-1.

How many times did ac milan lost champions league final?

Three times in the Champions League era: 1993 (to Marseille), 1995 (to Ajax) and 2005 (to Liverpool). They also lost the 1958 European Cup final to Real Madrid.

Who lost the champions league finale twice?

Barcelona lost the champions league finale twice.

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