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Q: Which team has won most between Barcelona and Manchester united?
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Which soccer club has the most fans in the world?

It is a close between Real Madrid Barcelona and Manchester United.

List who has most trophies Manchester united and Barcelona?

Of course barcelona they have won over 70 trophies won

Which football club have the most fans worldwide?

It is Manchester united followed by Real Madrid, Barcelona.

What are the three most famous soccer team in the Europe?

The top three soccer teams are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. My favorites are Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Most popular football team in the world?

Today Barcelona are best, with Manchester United and Real Madrid close.

What famous three soccer teams are there in Europe?

The most famous would be Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.

What are the first 5 most popular football clubs?

Manchester united, Barcelona, chivas, ac milan, and real Madrid

What are the most popular teams in the world?

real madrid, barcelona, manchester united, l.a. lakers, arsenal, chelsea, milan, liverpool

What are the most popular football teams?

In England Manchester united and arsenal, in Spain Barcelona and REAL Madrid, IN iTALY a.C. Milan AND iNTER Milan.

The top 5 football teams in the world with most fans?

Manchester United FC Barcelona Real Madrid Chelsea FC FC Bayern München

Name of top five most viable football club?

Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester United, Chelsea By: Amir Hossein Abpeikaran

Who is won the most trophies between man united and Liverpool?

Manchester United have won the most with 64. Liverpool have won 63.