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Manchester United, Barcelona, chivas, ac milan, and real Madrid

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Q: What are the first 5 most popular football clubs?
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What are the three most famous Spanish football clubs?

The three most popular clubs in Spain are Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia.

What football clubs are available in Monaco?

There are 64 football clubs in Monaco. On of the most popular team from Monaco is AS Monaco, winner of UEFA Champions League in 1992 and 2004. Other clubs are: CTM, IM2S Football Team, Poste, and others.

What are the ten most popular football clubs?

these are the 10 most popular football clubs (not in order) 1. Real Madrid 2. Barcelona 3. AC Milan 4. Manchester United 5. Chelsea 6. Liverpool 7. Juventus 8. Bayern Munich 9. Arsenal 10. Inter Milan

Is football the most popular sport?

No it is the second popular cricket is the first popular I .think

Who has played for the most European football clubs?

The player in most clubs is Nicolas Anelka of France.

Who had the most football clubs in there career?

It could be Nickolas Anelka, he played for 8 clubs.

What is Karim Benzema most famous for?

Karim Mostafa Benzema is a French international football player. He is famous for playing for some of the most popular football clubs in the world, like Real Madrid and Lyon and for playing for the French national team.

Which footballer has had the most clubs in world football?


Where can one find a list of football clubs in England?

One can find a list of football clubs in England by using the website Wkipedia. The website presents a list of football clubs that play in the top ten levels of the English football league. Most of the clubs are directly in England, however some are located outside of England and operate in the English football league.

What is the most popular football club?

Answer for most popular football clubMost popular football club in the world is Manchester united Manchester united, which has 300 million + fans, as of 2008edit: man united is not the single most famous club, it is ONE of the most famous clubs in the world. others include , around the world, and real Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

Where is the Club Brugge located?

The Club Brugge is a football club from the city of Bruges in Belgium. It was founded in 1891 and is one of the best and most popular clubs in Belgium.

List of most successful football clubs in England?

The three most successful clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

What is the most popular football club in Vietnam?

Viettel Football Club is the most popular football club in Vietnam.

World's most popular sports?

The Worlds most popular sport is Football

Most popular sport in Brazil?

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil.Soccer.The most popular sport in Brazil is football.

Where can you find the clubs on stardoll?

You click the tab "clubs and friends" and scroll down. There should be lost of categories listed for the clubs there, also a search bar and menus showing the most recently active clubs and most popular clubs.

What are the most famous Italian football teams?

The most famous Italian football clubs are A.C.Milan Inter Milan , Juventus and Atlanta.

Where can one purchase executive seating?

Executive seating is popular at most football clubs for example. By visiting the stadium's official website it is possible to purchase executive seating directly.

What is most popular football team?

At The Moment The Most Popular Football Team In The World Is Manchester United

Is American football the first most popular sport in the US?

kinda it is really a yes and no

What are the most popular sports in Uruguay?

Football (soccer) by far it's the most popular sport, then basketball.Football. The most popular sport in Uruguay is Football.

What are the most popular football club websites?

Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) is one of the most popular football club websites. Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are very popular too. Those are probably the top four most popular football club websites.

Is football the most popular sport in the UK?

Well, football is very popular!

Is football popular in Zimbabwe?

Football is actually the most popular sport in Zimbabwe.

List 20 most supported football clubs in the world?