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Of course barcelona they have won over 70 trophies won

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Q: List who has most trophies Manchester united and Barcelona?
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List Who has the most trophies Liverpool or man utd?

It could be Liverpool over Manchester United by a small margin.

What English premier league club have highest number of fans?

in terms of English clubs Manchester united has the highest fan base around the world. in terms of world clubs, Barcelona tops the list followed by real Madrid and Manchester united F C.

Can you list the winners of the English Premier League from 2002-2010?

2002 Arsenal 2003 Manchester United 2004 Arsenal 2005 Chelsea 2006 Chelsea 2007 Manchester United 2008 Manchester United 2009 Manchester United 2010 ?

List of hat tricks against Manchester United?

Dennis Bailey

The best football team in England?

The current champions are Manchester United. They are also the most successful club in terms of league championships and FA Cup wins. Liverpool leads the list in terms of European trophies and League Cups won.

Where can I find a list of all the Manchester United players who have played while Sir Alex Ferguson has been manager?

You may have to go to the Manchester United website and find out.

A list OF THE trophies that rangers have won?

54 trophies is all i can tell you.

List Manchester united players and their weekly salary?

its up to about £130,000 per week

Which is the world's richest football club?

As per the Forbes' magazine list (April 2010) of the richest football clubs, Manchester United is the richest with a net worth of 1,835 million USD.They are followed by Real Madrid, Arsenal and FC Barcelona.(see related link for full list)

Where can you find a list of games that have trophies on ps3?

The list of Games on the related link indicate whether the games have trophies

List the top ten rated football club in the world as at oct 2008?

The top ten football clubs are Real madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Inter Milan , Liverpool, Chelsea,Arsenal, Bayern Munich, A.s.Roma, A.c.Milan.

Has every single PS3 game have trophies?

No many PS3 games do not have trophies. a link of a list or PS3 games has been added and the last column on the list indicates whether they have trophies

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