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Major League Baseball (Longest winning streak by a team) 26 games -- 1916 New York Giants Streak started September 7, 1916 (defeated Brooklyn Dodgers, 4-1) Streak ended September 30, 1916 (ended by Boston Braves, 8-3) Note: The Giants tied the Pirates in the second game of a doubleheader 1-1 on September 18, 1916. Major League Baseball excludes all games which end in ties from their official statistics. The longest winning streak without ties in Major League Baseball is 21 games, achieved by the Chicago Cubs in 1935. [edit](Longest winning streak by a pitcher) 24 consecutive winning decisions -- 1936-1937 Carl Hubbell, New York Giants Streak started July 17, 1936 (defeated Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-0) Streak ended May 30, 1937 (ended by Brooklyn Dodgers, 10-3) Note: Hubbell's streak was achieved in 27 games as he also pitched three no-decisions. In baseball, only losing decisions can end winning streaks by pitchers. Source:

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Q: Which team has the longest undefeated home game streak in MLB?
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