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Q: Which team has played in the second most NBA finals?
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What team played in the most grand finals in the AFL and the VFL?


Do the losing team of the NBA finals get a second place ring?

The team that lost the NBA finals do not get a second place ring.

What team has played the most grand finals in rugby league?

Eastern suburbs roosters

Which team hosts the NHL finals?

The team in the finals with the most regular season points.

Which country has appeared in most world cup finals?

Brazil are the only team to have played in every World Cup Finals tournament (that's 18).

Do the losing team of the Stanley Cup finals get a second place ring?

no they do not

Which AFL team has played in the most premierships?

Collingwood has played in 43 grand finals (including 2 draws). This is the VFL/AFL record.

The team which played most NBA finals?

== == == == The Los Angeles (originally Minneapolis)Lakers have played in the most NBA Finals, with 30, winning 15 and losing 15, since the first was held at the end of the 1946-1947 season. As the Minnesota Lakers, their record was 5 wins and 1 loss; as the LA Lakers, their record is 10 wins and 14 losses. The LA Lakers are the current NBA Champions, having won the 2008-2009 season NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics have the second largest number of NBA Finals played, with 20, but with 17 wins, they have won the most NBA Finals.

Which MLS team has played in the most MLS Cups?

The Los Angeles Galaxy have played in the most MLS Cups appearing in 6 different finals, winning 2 of them.

What team has participated in the most world cups but not made it to finals?

world cups are finals...

What African team was the second to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup?


NBA team with the most finals appearances?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the most NBA Finals appearances.

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