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world cups are finals...

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Q: What team has participated in the most world cups but not made it to finals?
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What country has participated in the most Cricket World Cups but never made the final?


How many Stanley cups finals have the coyotes made it?

As of 2017, the Coyotes have not made it to the finals.

Out of the 204 countries that participated in the FIFA qualification process how many made it to the World Cup finals?

32 Countries in 8 groups of four.

How many Stanley cups have the Wings made it to?

24 finals

How Stanley cups do the capitals have?

They haven't won any Stanley cups, they made it to the finals once but were swept by the Detroit red wings in the 1997-1998 season

Has Mexico ever made it to the world cup finals?

Mexio has reached the quarter finals ion two occasions in 1970 and 1986. They were hosts in 1970 but lost to Italy 4-1 in the quarter finals. In 1986 Mexico hosted the World Cup again reaching the quarter finals for the second time but losing to Germany on penalties.

How many cups do the Kings have?

This depends on which cup and which Kings. The LA Kings have won 0 Stanley Cups thus far, although they have made it to the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals.

Which country has made it to the finals of the world cup more often?

it is Brazil

How many Stanley cup finals have the New Jersey devils made it to?

4: The Devils won Stanley Cups in 1995, 2000, and 2003 and were defeated in the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals by the Colorado Avalanche.

Whose made it to the most soccer world cup finals?

The player to reach the most finals is the Brazilian Cafu 4 times.

Has Australia ever made it to the finals in soccer world cup?

Yes Australia made it to the 2006 world cup in Germany.

How many times have the US made the world cup finals?

By my knowledge ZERO.