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Inter Milan

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Q: Which team does Jose Mourinho manage?
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What team did Jose Mourinho manage before he joined Chelsea?

Fc porto

What football team does Jose Mourinho support?


Which team did Jose Mourinho support as a youngster?

FC United Of Manchester

Did Jose mourinho play for Portugal?

No. Jose Mourinho did not play football professionally.

Has rangers fc beat a team managed by Jose mourinho?

Yes. Glasgow Ranger Beat Jose Mourinho Chelsea in a friendly at Ibrox by 2 goals to 0 on the 29th july 2007.

Which team has won the UEFA Cup in 2003?

Porto beat Celtic managed by Jose Mourinho

Which teams has Jose mourinho managed?


When did mourinho join Chelsea?

Jose Mourinho joined Chelsea in the 2004 season.

How much Jose Mourinho earn with Real Madrid?

At Real Madrid Jose Mourinho earns 9.5 million euros a year.

Does Jose Mourinho have a Twitter account?

yes he does.

When did Jose mourinho leave chelsea?


What is Jose mourinho salary?


What country is Jose mourinho form?


Did Jose Mourinho win the Champions league last year?

Yes Jose Mourinho won it with Inter Milan, and he also won it with F.C. Porto.

Who was sacked after FA cup win?

Jose Mourinho

Who first brought chocolate to the UK?

jose mourinho

Who preceeded Jose mourinho at Chelsea?

Claudio Ranieri

Who is the current coach of real Madrid?

jose mourinho

What is the name of real Madrid coach?

Jose Mourinho

Is Jose mourinho still at real Madrid?


What make Jose mourinho a good leader?

He is a good leader because he cares about his team he really cares about his team, sometimes he plays around with them because he is gay

How many trophies has Jose mourinho won?

19 trophies

Is Jose Mourinho gay?

No, he is married to a woman and they have two children

Which Chelsea players did Jose Mourinho buy?

Mikel obi

Did Jose Mourinho coach Chelsea?

Yes, from 2004-2007.