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they have won as many as you think.

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Q: How many trophies does the Jaspers have won?
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How many trophies have Chelsea won all together?

They have won 23 trophies

How many title trophies have Liverpool won?

Liverpool have won eighteen title trophies

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He won a lot of trophies at man utd

How many trophies has morinho won with Chelsea?

two trophies

How many trophies has Selena Gomez won in 2012?

4 trophies

How many trophies have manchest united won?

Since 1878, Manchester United have won 58 trophies.

How many Copeland trophies has Dane Swan won?

Dane Swan won two Copeland Trophies. He won the 2008 and 2009 Copeland Trophy.

How many trophies has man united won in 8 years?

trophies deserved:0

How many football trophies has Real Madrid football club won?

107 trophies

Did Amelia Earhart win any trophies?

Yes, she won many trophies and medals.

How many trophies has Jose mourihno won?

He had lifted 21 trophies till the date.

How many trophies have Ibrohimavich won?