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Q: Which team did Randy Moss retiring from?
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What is Kellan Lutz's favorite football team?

The Vikings have been his team but mainly because of Randy Moss. Now that Randy Moss is no longer with them, he wouldn't classify them as his team anymore. Wherever Randy Moss is, that's where his support lies.

How does Randy Moss helps the Patriot?

He doesn't he is not on the team.

What team does randy moss play for now?

Randy Moss announced his retirement before the 2011 National Football League season.

Did Randy Moss wear jersey number 83 for the New York Jets football team?

Randy Moss never played for the New York Jets.

Does randy moss have to sign with first team to claim him?

Randy's contract will be awarded to the team with the worst record that wants him. He doesn't have a choice where his contract goes.

Was randy moss better in Oakland Raiders?

No he was really not a team player on the raiders

What team did randy moss go to the super bowl?

New England patriots

What team is randy moss on?

he is playing for the Tennessee titans

Whoe were players on patriots team with first name of randy?

Randy Moss is the only one I'm pretty sure

Who is better randy moss or terell Owens?

Randy Moss

What is the record for most touchdowns by a player in an NFL season on the vikings team?

Randy Moss

Kellan Lutz's favorite football team?

Any team that has Randy Moss on it. So for now it's the Patriots.