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Randy Moss announced his retirement before the 2011 National Football League season.

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Q: What team does randy moss play for now?
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What team does randy moss play for right now?

he is playing for the Tennessee titans

What team does randy moss play for?

Randy Moss was on the Vikings first, Raiders second, Patriots, and then the Minnesota Vikings. And now he is a free agent

What team is randy moss on?

Now he is on the titans

Who does randy moss play for now?


What is Kellan Lutz's favorite football team?

The Vikings have been his team but mainly because of Randy Moss. Now that Randy Moss is no longer with them, he wouldn't classify them as his team anymore. Wherever Randy Moss is, that's where his support lies.

Kellan Lutz's favorite football team?

Any team that has Randy Moss on it. So for now it's the Patriots.

Did randy moss play as number eighteen for the patriots?

No he did for the Raiders but now he is number 81

Does randy moss play for vikings?

Yup, It's a done deal now... Moss is no longer a Pat. I am no longer a Pat fan. Go Vikings!

How many teams did Randy Moss play for after leaving the patriots?

Three. The Vikings and the Titans in 2010, he now plays for the 49ers.

What are the values of rookie football cards autographed by Randy Moss?

Well randy moss's use to be worth alot more but now they are down alot. but maybe 5-25 dollars!

This is for your fantasy football team You were offered Tom Brady for Brett Favre and randy moss is this a good deal your other 2 receivers are Santana moss and Hines Ward and derrik mason?

I'd say its good because Randy Moss is doing really well right now and Brett is also playing well. You could then trade one of your receivers for something you need.

Which wide receiver has the most touch downs in the NFL right now?

Randy Moss, 23 Touchdowns

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