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Swimming or football

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Q: Which sport would give you large well-defined muscles?
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What sports work your Calves and Gastrocnemius muscles?

Well i do not no a sport that can work your calves and Gastrocnemius muscles but, it would be good if you worked out.

What sport would be best to use your quadriceps?

The quadriceps is one of the large muscles in your thigh, so any sport that involves a lot of running would be good for using your quadriceps. Examples would include track and field events, football (soccer or American football or Aussie Rules), rugby, etc.

How would I know if the large intestine isn't working?

You would know, because your p**p comes from your large intestine. You have muscles to push it out.

What sport uses speed training?

If you were to pick a sport that focuses mainly on speed training it would most likely be track. Track is great for endurance and it helps build you leg muscles. Track would be a good sport that uses speed training!

What is the most common muscle that is injured among athletes?

That would really depend on what type of sport. Usually the hamstring muscles or the muscles of the lower extremity due to to over using or it.

Is thetherball a good sport?

actually yes it is because its working your hand muscles very good to where if u want to be able to lift ur self up it would help your muscles

Where in the human body would you find a large number of mitochondria and why?

In most active organs. Heart ,muscles are some

What sport would you use your upper calf muscle?

Any sport that includes running/walking/cycling will use your calf muscles. Riding a bike every day is also a good way to strengthen your calves.

If Lamarck's hypothesis of species modification were true the child of a person who developed large muscles by lifting weights would be born with?

normal-sized muscles that would become larger only if the children also lifted weights.

What is the least expensive sport in the world?

Running. You are your equipment, and you can do this sport almost anywhere. Walking is also cheap, but a less popular sport. I would like to add that walking is probably the most beneficial exercise sport there is. Easy on the joints and muscles and very aerobic without being burdensome on the respiratory and cardiac systems.

In what sport would you see a 'toreador'?

Bullfighting would be that 'Sport'.

What would happen if girls flexed their ripped muscles in front of boys with no muscles?

the boys would swoon at their muscles.

Why do muscles need blood?

In order to contract and allow us to move, muscles need to break down the enzyme ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to create energy. In order to replenish the ATP once it has been used, muscles require large amounts of oxygen and the way that oxygen is delivered to the muscles is through the blood supply. Therefore, without blood, the muscles would have no oxygen, would not be able to produce ATP and therefore would not be able to function.

What does muscles mean?

Muscles are a part of our body. It is our flesh. If our muscles are strong, we would be strong. Muscles are full of strength and they help us move. If your muscles are weak, you would get tired very easily.

Does your heart size increase during sport?

No. The muscles of the heart work harder and faster under stress. Enlargement of the heart would increase its volume and reduce its efficiency.

What type of muscles line the stomach?

It would be smooth muscles.

In which sport would you use a chucker?

You would use a chucker in the sport of cricket.

What sport would you find a coxswain in?

In the sport of rowing.

Why do you think many athletes train at a high altitude?

It may be because the air is thinner and more demanding on the heart, lungs, and muscles. This would be helpful in a sport where stamina is required.

Why do you use muscles?

If you did not have muscles you would not be able to move, talk, smell, listen, see And if you didn't have muscles your eyes would pop out of place because muscles keep your eyes in place

Do rattlesnakes have muscles?

Rattlesnakes have muscles. They would be unable to move if they did not.

Is quad ball a sport?

It is a sport but you would not see it on TV. It is more of a recreational sport than a competitive sport.

In what sport would you hear howzat?

The sport you will hear it in cricket

Is there a sport without rules?

No, or else it would not be considered a sport.

What sport do Indians like?

One sport would be lacrosse