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softball is the answer man ctach

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Q: Which sport was being contested for the first time at Beijing Olympics?
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When was boxing first contested in the Summer Olympics?

Boxing was first contested as a full Olympic sport at the 1904 Olympics. It has been contested in every Olympics since, with the exception of the 1912 games, held in Stockholm, Sweden - where boxing was banned at the time.

When was usain bolt first time in the Olympics?

His first Olympics were the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Where was the first Olympics Lauren Mitchell competed in?

The first Olympics that Lauren Mitchell competed in was the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Who won the first medal in the Beijing Olympics?

Joshua Wheelton

When was Kobe Bryant first time in Olympics?

In 2008 in Beijing

How many Olympia athletes are from Sudan?

There are 9 First time represented at Summer Olympics:1960Gold medals won: 0Silver: 0Bronze: 0Athletes at the Beijing Olympics: 9Number of Sports competing in at Beijing Olympics: 2Medals at 2008 Beijing Olympics: 0

Is this stephaie rices first time in the Olympics?

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing were Stephanie Rice's first Olympic Games.

When was Tom Daley's first Olympics?

Tom was 14-years-old at the Beijing Olympics in 2008; his first Olympic competition.

What year did the Olympics first take place in another country?


What year was ski jumping added to the Olympics?

Ski jumping has been part of every Winter Games contested, the first being in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

How many medals did Tom Daley get at his first Olympics?

Tom did not win a medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Who is Jessica Pengelly swimmer?

She is a South African swimmer who is currently training in Australia. London 2012 will be her second Olympics, her first being Beijing.

What year did nordic combined join the Olympics?

Nordic combined has been contested at the Winter Olympics since the first Winter Games in 1924.

Who won the first gold medal in the Beijing Olympics 2008?

Joshua Wheelton

When did show jumping first become an event in the Olympics?

Equestrian debuted at the 1900 Games in Paris. Events contested at the 1900 Games were jumping, high jump, and long jump. It was not contested at the 1904 or 1908 Games but has been contested at every Olympics since the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

Was skeleton ever dropped then added again to the Olympics?

Yes. It was first contested in 1928, but then it was not contested again until 1948. After 1948, it was not contested again until 2002, and since then it has been played in every Olympic after 2002.

When were Sally mclellan in her first Olympics?

Sally McLellan's first Olympics was the 2008 Games in Beijing. She won a silver medal in the women's 100 meter hurdles.

When was water polo first played in the Olympics?

Water polo is a sport which has been contested in every Olympic Games since the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris - and will be contested again in 2012.

What are the new countries in the 2008 Olympics?

The Marshall Islands, Montenegro and Tuvalu are the 3 countries that are participating for the first time in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Who was the first badminton player to win a gold medal in the Olympics?

Badminton made its debut in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. The women's singles competition was the first contested. The winner was Suzi Susanti of Indonesia.

What is the first event in the Olympics 2008?

The First Event to start at the 2008 Beijing Olympics was Football, which started 2 days before the Offical Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games

Why was the Olympics being held in Beijing in 2008 so important?

because it was going to be the first time they ever had something like that so big held in china and that was mayor to china

When was the first time the olympics games moved to Asia?

2008 beijing. It has always been in Europe before that.

When did Georgina and Caroline Evers-Swindell start competing in the Olympics?

The first Olympics they competed in was the 2004 athens Olympics where they won gold and they defended their title in the 2008 Beijing Olympics by also winning gold

Is tennis an Olympic sport?

Yes. Tennis was a sport at the first modern Olympics in 1896 until 1924 when it was discontinued. It made its return to the Olympics in 1984 and has been contested ever since.