How many Olympia athletes are from Sudan?

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There are 9 First time represented at Summer Olympics:1960

Gold medals won: 0

Silver: 0

Bronze: 0

Athletes at the Beijing Olympics: 9

Number of Sports competing in at Beijing Olympics: 2

Medals at 2008 Beijing Olympics: 0

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Q: How many Olympia athletes are from Sudan?
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How many Olympia athletes are from Japan?

For the 2008 Olympics there was quite a few.

How were the athletes treated in ancient Olympia games?

The athletes in Greece were actually treated like royalty

How were the athletes of the Ancient Olympics trained?

the god of olympia trianed the athletes so they were ready for the olympics

How many athletes were in the 776 BC Olympic Games?

It is not known how many athletes were at the 776 BC Olympic Games. The early Olympic games were held every 4 years in Olympia, Greece.

What was the winning athletes given a prize on the first Olympia games?


How were the athletes selected for the ancient Olympic games?

Four weeks before the Olympics games, athletes would travel to Elis, a city near Olympia. A final selection was made there, and only those who were chosen could compete at Olympia.

How many miles is Augusta to Olympia?

how many miles is it from Augusta to Olympia

Are athletes drug tested in the mr Olympia contest?

Yes there tested at every conteset what ever it's size

What awards were given to the athletes in the first modern olympics?

Crowns made of olive trees leaves called olympia

How long do athletes train before the Olympics?

3 Months + 30 Days in Olympia it depends on the events there planning to do in the Olympics

What countries did not compete in the 2012 Olympics?

At least 3 countries from the 206 independent countries did not compete at the 2012 Olympics.These included:- Curaçao (*)- Kosovo- South Sudan (*)You can also include the Vatican which does not ever participate in the Olympics.There are also a number of territories that do not have a National Olympic Committee and are not competing.(*) Note that a few athletes competed as individuals under the category "Independent Olympic Athletes" rather than under a particular sponsored country. Two athletes from Curaçao and one athlete from South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan) entered under the "Independent Olympic Athletes" team so the country of Curaçao and South Sudan are not officially participating.

What was the prize given to athletes from the seventh ancient olympic games onwards?

a crown of olive leaves cut from the sacred tree of Olympia

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