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Billiards uses a cue ball.

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Q: Which sport uses the cue
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Related questions

What sport uses term cue?

Table games such as billiards or snooker.

What sport uses the slang word Carom?

This is typically a billiards term meaning, "a shot in billiards in which the cue ball strikes each of two object ball".

Snooker is what kind of game?

It is a cue sport.

What sport do you need a cue stick to play?

Snooker or Pool

What is a sentence for billiards?

Billiards in the name of a popular cue sport.

What are bin and cue files?

Bin/Cue files are "image" files that a CD Burning software uses to create a CD

What kind of cue ball is used for a coin operated American pool table?

It most likely uses the magnetic cue ball and this should be tried first. If it is not captured, this is the correct cue ball. If it is captured, the table will require using the oversize cue ball.

What sport uses the trapezius?

weight lifting sport uses the trapezius most.

Which sport is played on a table with coloured balls and a stick called a cue?

Billiard's or Pool

What is a 4 letter sport starting with T?

Golf is a 4 letter sport. It is a sport that uses "tees".

What sport uses the largest ball?

The regulation sport that uses the largest ball is basketball.

What is the size of a pub pool table?

The typical bar or pub uses a coin-operated 7 foot table. In addition to the table being smaller than regulation, it typically uses a magnetic cue ball, heavier than a normal cue ball.

Which sport uses chalk and pockets?

The sport of pool or pocket billiards uses chalk and pockets.

What sport uses the most muscles?

The sport that uses the most muscles is ballet!

Which sport uses the term deuce?

The typical sport that uses the term, "deuce", is Tennis or Table Tennis.

Is bowling a spoort?

Yes it is a sport any sport the uses a bowl is a sport

What sport uses sport massage most?


Which sport uses a net a racket and a shuttlecock?

Badminton is a racquet sport that uses a net and a shuttlecock.

What sport uses a mallet?

Polo uses a mallet

What winter sport uses brakes?

an Olympic sport=the skeleton

What sport uses a cesta and a ball?

jai alai (sport)

What sport uses the term kitty?

A sport called bowls

What sport uses the term hat trick?

The sport of ice hockey uses the term 'hat trick'.

Which sport uses foil?

Fencing uses a foil (sword).

Which sport uses the most energy per hour?

what i think of the sport that uses the most energy in an hour is wrestling and track and field because you use youre whole body with that sport