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Soccer for sure. In soccer you have to use your feet to move a ball and use other tactics than just knocking into someone and hoping the ball with get to you, like you do in football. Soccer is the sport that requires the most skill.

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Q: Which sport requires the most skills between the NFL and soccer?
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Which sport requires the most speed and accuracy?


Why is soccer a good sport?

Soccer is a good sport , it helps a person to remain fit as the game requires full body workout and not just legs

What are the core skills of soccer?

one of the core skills of soccer are: actually knowing what soccer is knowing how to play soccer not be afraid to kick the ball know how to kick the ball be a fair sport

Is soccer a crap sport?

heck no! soccer is a really fun sport and it requires a great deal of strength, skill, agility, fitness and not to mention coordination. so anyone that says soccer is a "crap sport" should get a life!

Which sport requires more skill soccer or basketball?

id say basketball

What is a soccer clinic?

A soccer clinic is a group gathering where participants develop playing, coaching and or refereeing skills related to the sport of soccer.

What sport requires timing?

Having a perfect timing is the key to achieve victory in the field of sport. Some of the examples of sport which requires timing are baseball, ice hockey, soccer and even boxing.

Which sport requires more physical fitness soccer or basketball?

The answer is rugby / American football

Which sport pays well between soccer and rugby in south africa?


How does football meets the requirements for a sport?

it is the ultimate team sport... requires speed, strength, agility, quick reflexes... the real question is why is soccer a sport

What is a sport that is a mix between volleyball soccer and football?


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