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Q: Which sport is older soccer or lacross?
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What sport do austrailians do?

Australian's play futbull, lacross and soccer!

Which sport is older golf or soccer?

Soccer is older

What is the older sport hockey or soccer?


Name a sport that takes more than two people to play?

Softball, baseball, football, soccer, lacross, basketball, etc.

What sports use leg muscles?

Basketball,soccer,football,tennis,rugby,lacross,boxing,running,wrestling. Basicly every sport

What is the favorite sport in America?

The favorite sport in the us is soccer. IN other countries called, NHL, NFL, NBA it depends! i don't think you can say a nation has a favourite sport it depends what you likeThe least favorited sport is lacross.

What sport did the french invent?


What was the beginning of sports and what was the first sport?


What is Faith Hills favorite sport?


What sport is older in US soccer or baseball?

baseball.. its our national pastime!

What is a sport starting with letter L?

Lacross, luge.

What sport is older soccer or Austalian Football League?

Australian football league isnt a sport, its an organization. And im 99% sure soccer was "invented" before football

What sport does Niall Horan like for girls to play?


What is lacross?

lacrosse is a sport where the objective is to throw the ball into the opponents goal.

When was lacross originated?

The earliest traces of the sport come from the native americans.

What are Jamaicas main hobbies?

Soccer, lacross, basketthrow, tennis, and puck toss.

What type of sport do they play in Manitoba?

they play hockey, lacross, football and curling.

How do you spell lacross?

The correct spelling for the sport or game is lacrosse.

What is a high school sport that uses a ball and racket and shots into a goal?


What are some spring sports?

Soccer,football,tennis,lacross,and golf are the ones I know

Which sports wears spike shoes?

I know soccer, football, baseball, & lacross

What is famous sport in Canada?

The national sport of Canada is Lacross, but no one really cares about that. The most important sport in Canada is Hockey. Football is also popular, along with curling.

What kind of games did the aboriginals play?

They played mostly lacross, which today, is the national sport of Canada.

What sport has six letters?

what sport starts with h

Name a game where the ball might be bigger than your head?

Basketball, football, soccer, an if you have a tiny maybe baseball, softball, or lacross