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Australian football league isnt a sport, its an organization. And im 99% sure soccer was "invented" before football

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Q: What sport is older soccer or Austalian Football League?
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What is the Welsh Premier League?

The Welsh Premier League is a competitive football (soccer) athletic league. The league is stations in Europe. It is one of the older association football leagues in Europe.

Is soccer older than football?

If you mean American football then yes soccer is older. American Football was first played in 1869 with soccer's first match in 1848.

Is football older than basketball?

Football (soccer).

Which sport is older soccer or lacross?


What is older football or soccer?

"if you are talking about AFL football then Afl is older then soccer The first game if soccer was played in 1872, November 30th The first game of football was played in 1858, August 7th" WRONG. The dates are right, officially, but the actual game of Association Football (Soccer) is far older, the OFFICIAL rules were made during this period; and although the first official game of American Football was played "first", American Football is actually a VARIATION of Association Football AND Rugby Football. So how can it be OLDER if it's based on Association Football? Foolish child.

Who is 40 or older in the national football league?

Brett favre

Was football made before soccer?

No. Modern soccer is one century older, and is based on foundations from the 2nd century BC.

Which sport is older golf or soccer?

Soccer is older

How many soccer players on the soccer field from each team?

depends what league you play for the older usually 11 but younger sometimes 8-9

Is AFL older than soccer?

No, soccer is older than AFL

Which is older soccer or rugby?

Football was founded On November 6, 1869 (Or around then) Rugby was around 1820 So Rugby is older.

Is football only an American sport?

No. The Canadian Football League - which is older than the NFL - is a good draw in Canada and small gridiron football leagues exist in other countries.

What is the older sport hockey or soccer?


How can you register your son for professional football?

Perhaps you are asking about how to get your son started on a path that will lead him to the professional leagues (in the USA, the National Football League; in Canada, the Canadian Football League; in pro soccer, Major League Soccer). Most of the men who play professional football began their careers long ago; and by the time they were in high school, they were getting noticed by scouts who wanted to recruit them for college football. If your son is in elementary or middle school, you can sign him up at whatever school he attends; there are procedures for registering him, and that will allow him to participate in athletics. In college, the kids are older and usually make the choice themselves whether or not to play sports; you will definitely be consulted if a certain college is trying to encourage your son to go there by offering him an athletic scholarship.

Is soccer older than the US?

No it is not older then the U.S.A.

Who is older NFL or Major League Baseball?

MLB The first year of the National League was 1876. The first year of the American League was 1901. The first year of the National Football League was 1920.

Which came first baseball or football?

When you say "football" I will assume you mean "soccer" since you are speaking the English language and in the home of the English language (England) the game that involves kicking a ball into two goals is called the correct term - football. Football is over 300 years old yet baseball isn't even older than 200 years in any form so clearly football is older.

Is soccer older then baseball?

Soccer/football - The earliest reference to this sort of game is Chinese manuscript placing it about 200 BC. Baseball/Rounders -The earliest reference to this sort of game is a French manuscript of 1344 AD.

Which is older baseball or soccer?


Are there Any soccer league teams for kids in the Tampa Bay area?

not professional except if you mean by kid you mean 18 or older. but there are competitive teams in Tampa Bay

What is older grey cup or an American championship?

The Grey Cup was first awarded in 1909, eleven years before the National Football League was formed.

Is soccer older than hockey?


Is cricket older than soccer?

Yes it is

Will you be a football player when you are older?


Was soccer brand new or in improvement or change from another older sport?

Football as created by the Medieval era because they Used to kick a Sheeps Bladder around from one village to another.