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I know soccer, football, Baseball, & lacross

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Q: Which sports wears spike shoes
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Where can you find spike shoes?

Cleats can be found at sporting goods stores such as Sports Authority.

What olympic sports use spike shoes?

Soccer, field hockey, stuff like that...

What kind of shoes does Jackie Chan wear?

Jackie Chan wears a lot of different kinds of shoes. He wears formal shoes. He wears sneaker type informal shoes.

What are spike shoes made of?


Which shoe results in a better performance tennis shoes or spike shoes?

tennis shoes

Is the shoes that he wear grammatically correct?

No, in the sentence 'The shoes that he wear...', the verb 'wear' is the first and second person form; the pronoun 'he' is a third person pronoun, requiring the third person verb form 'wears'. 'The shoes that he wears...' is a noun clause, not a complete thought, an incomplete sentence. Examples:Subject: The shoes that he wears are expensive.Object: I like the shoes that he wears.

Where can one find out what shoes Allen Iverson wears?

Allen Iverson wears Reebok shoes. Allen Iverson is the signature of Reebok, similar to how Michael Jordan was the signature for Nike shoes, so naturally he wears Reebok.

What does Justin bieber shoes look like?

Usually, Justin wears Purple or Black shoes, but the shoes he wears depends on what his outfit looks like. :)Written By:JBrockz108

Who made the first running shoes with spikes?

Adolf Dasser made spike shoes

What is the simple present tense of wear?

For the subjects I/we/you/ they = wearThey wear shoes everyday.For subjects he/she/it = wearsShe never wears shoes

What shoes does lil chris wear?

He wears designer trainers and shoes

What shoes does Skrillex wear?

he generally wears Creative Recreation shoes

Are spike shoes hard to run in for the first time?


What is the brand name of Bella's shoes in Twilight?

she wears converse shoes to her prom.

What shoes does Jason derulo wear?

He wears Supra Shoes in Most of his videos

Does Cheryl Cole wear flat shoes?

She occasionally wears flat shoes.

What type shoes does Hugh laurie where?

he wears Nike's and converse. he wears them in the show house.

What are the type of shoes monkey d luffy wears?

He wears flip flop sandals.

What sport wears metal shoes?


Is there a poem by spike milligan entitled 'red shoes'?


What brands of shoes does Champs Sports sell?

Champs Sports sells different types of sports shoes. They sell women's and men's boots, running shoes, casual shoes, and sandals and slides. They also sell men's basketball shoes.

What color are Mickey Mouse's shoes?

Mickey Mouse traditionally wears yellow shoes.

What type of shoes does Alice Cullen wear?

Alice Cullen wears fashionable shoes.

What shoes does darrell Stanton wear?

Darrel Stanton wears a varity of element shoes

Logan Henderson's favorite pair of shoes to wear?

i think he wears Supra shoes