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Tennis,all the way!! Tennis is for richer people and Soccer is for dirty people because you get dirty and in tennis you show your intellegence

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Q: Which sport has better athletes soccer or tennis?
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Which sport is better. Tennis or soccer?

It depends on an individuals preference. However if you look at statistics then Soccer is a more popular sport, having a greater amount of spectators and athletes.

Who were popular athletes or sport teams?

Hmmm ..In what Basketball ? Baseball ? Soccer ? Tennis ? GAGO

Name a sport that recently became popular with women athletes?

Basketball tennis soccer boxing Football

Name a sport in which the athletes don't wear a lot of clothes?

Basketball Swimming volleyball Soccer Tennis Wrestling Boxing

Percentages of the sport tennis ans soccer in teens?

In soccer the percentage is 27% and in tennis it is 20%

What sport keeps you fittest?

Soccer and tennis

The worlds most paid sport Athletes?


What sport has six letters?

what sport starts with h

What sport do you have to have space in?

Baseball, football, soccer, and tennis.

How does friction affect the sport of soccer?

it allows the athletes to run

What sports attract the best professional athletes?

Each sport attracts those athletes who are "best" in that sport. Is the top basketball player "better" than the top football player, or the top golfer or tennis player?

What sport is better track or soccer?


What is a good sport to do?

Badminton Gymnastics Basketball Soccer tennis

What sport can you play with a broken arm?

Soccer Tennis Football

What is the point of Tennis?

Tennis is a sport just like soccer and football Just to have fun or it can be a career

What are popular sports in Iraq?

football(soccer) and there is also Tennis. Tennis is a big sport in Iraq

What kind of sport do they play in Chile?

People would think that soccer would be it, but it's not. The main sport is actually tennis and then soccer.

What is the most popular sport in Australia by participation?

Bmx and soccer or tennis

What sport do the people in England play?

soccer,rugby and tennis and golf

What sport would you need the skill of agility in?

Soccer, Hockey, Tennis

A sport with the letter E?

wrEstling, baskEtball, basEball, soccEr, tEnnis

Which sport are populai in your country?

popular? American football, soccer, tennis...

What sport best exercise?

Soccer ***** Basketball *** Tennis * Baseball ** Swimming ***

What sport can you still play with a broken arm?

Soccer Tennis Football

Name a sport that does not have the word ball in it?

Soccer, tennis, hockey, golf