Percentages of the sport tennis ans soccer in teens?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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In soccer the percentage is 27% and in tennis it is 20%

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Q: Percentages of the sport tennis ans soccer in teens?
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What sport do teens do most?

depends but it would be football or tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What sport will you be if you are a sport?

i would be soccer because I'm real good at it and i actually play on a travel team and its super athletic so if you want to play a sport play soccer because its open for kids teens and adults too.

What is a good title for an article on teens not participating in sport?

"Teens no to sport"

What sports do teens watch?

im a teen. i usually watch awesome and iteresting sports like soccer,tennis,volleyball.but i am a girl and everyone is different

What percentages of teens that have one baby have another pregnancy as a teen?


Most played sport in jamacia?

it is "Jamaican soccer" they play it in the hot heat after there chores are dun for the day it is mostly kids and teens that play this game.

What is a good and easy diet for teens?

Play a sport.

How many teens have sport after school?


What are the main sports they play in belgium?

Beljium is a country were so many kinds of games is.when talking about the football played in beljium,we shall be looking at foot ball soccer because during the 19th centuries,bejium is one of the country that where by football is been brought up my comment on this is that football is one of the game played in beljium

How do everyday average teens dress in Mexico?

Mexican teens usually wear the same clothes American teens do, specially among big cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey. These include shirts, blouses and t-shirts, khakis or jeans, skirts and tennis shoes or formal footwear. Unlike the stereotype, most Mexican kids don't wear sombreros, unless attending a sports event such as soccer.

What are some good outdoor games for teens?

softball, football, baseball, swimming, volleyball and soccer.

Why coed soccer is good for teens?

when you are a teenager, you go through all the growth spurts etc, so soccer is great for keeping your fitness level up.