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The ad side of a tennis court is the players left side. Or the opponents right side.

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Q: Which side of a tennis court do you call the ad court?
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What is AD court in tennis?

When serving or returning, there is a deuce side and an ad side. The deuce side is on the right, the ad side is on the left.

What is the right service court in tennis?

deuce side..the left side is the ad side

Which court do you serve into first in tennis?

I will interpret this question as asking which SIDE of the tennis court do you serve into first in tennis. The two halves of the tennis court are called "ad" (short for advantage) and "deuce." Your ad court is diagonal to your opponent's ad court and your deuce court is diagonal to your opponent's deuce court. You begin serving on your ad side diagonally into your opponent's ad side. If you are facing the net from the baseline, the ad side is the right and the deuce side is the left. In simpler terms, you start on the right side and serve diagonally into the left side of your opponent's court. This is a link to a tennis court diagram. Perhaps a visual will help better understand the answer to your question. It can be found on the related links.

Which side of the court is considered the backhand side in tennis?

The right hand side is the deuce side and left is the ad side.

Which side of the tennis court does the server start from?

Right side facing the net. This is called the deuce side. The left side is called the ad side.

What side of the court must a player stand on to start each game in tennis?

Each player starts off on the deuce side (right side of the court) at the beginning of the game and alternates between deuce and ad (left side) every point, but every game always starts on the deuce side.

When does advantage server occur in tennis?

after you get deuce and the server wins the point. You call it 'ad in'

In tennis where should the service be made when the score is 40 love?

The serve should be made in the AD court.

How should you cover the court in a tennis doubles match?

Covering the court during a doubles match is very different from covering the court during a singles match. First, you have more tennis court to cover. Secondly, you have to figure out how to move around and cover the court with your doubles partner. The key is to move around the court together as a team. Maybe you play the ad (backhand) side. Your partner is pulled out wide for a forehand. You need to side shuffle along with them in their direciton because the center of the court needs to be covered. Your partner will probably hit a defensive shot. You will have to step in and recover your opponent

What is the advantage out in tennis?

An advantage out (or ad. out, when you call the score) is when youe oppenent has won the first point of duece (40-40.) Ad. in, is when you win the first point of duece.

What points are served from the deuce court in tennis?

The sides of the court are named according to the score. When the score is forty-forty, it's referred to as "deuce." When playing a deuce point, the server serves from the right side of the court. Thus, the right side of the court is considered the deuce side. When the score is ad-in or ad-out, the point is played from the left side of the court so that side is the ad side.

What does ad stand for in tennis?