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Joseph Addai of the Colts who had 77 rushing yards

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Q: Which running back has the most yards rushing in 2010 Super Bowl?
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Which team had the most rushing yards in Super Bowl 2010?


Who was the running back with the most rushing yards in 2010 super bowl and how many?

Joseph Addai of the Colts, with 77 yards on 13 carries and one touchdown. (5.9 yard average)

In the 2010 NFL season who has the most rushing yards?

There are currently 1696 players tied for the 2010 rushing lead. They all have 0 yards.

How many rushing yards does mike Vick have for 2010?

676 yards

How many rushing yards does Drew Brees have?

as of December 28, 2010, he has obtained 479 yards rushing. how about that son.

What is the NFL record for rushing yards per attempt?

For a career that is Michael Vick with 7.1 yards per rushing attempt (through 10 games of the 2010 season). Most of the career leaders in this category are quarterbacks. The running back with the highest yards per rushing attempt is Marion Motley at 5.7. For a single season, the record is held by Vick of the 2006 Falcons and running back Beattie Feathers of the 1934 Bears with 8.4 yards per rushing attempt.

What running back had the most rushing yards in2010 in the nfl?

Chris Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards in 2009. The leading rusher in the NFL in 2010 was Arian Foster with 1,616.

Most career rushing yards for a quarterback?

Randell Cunningham (retired) has 4,928 career rushing yards followed closely by Michael Vick (active) with 4,630 career rushing yards at the end of the 2010 season.

Who has more rushing yards Willie Parker or Brian Westbrook?

Through 2010, Brian Westbrook has 6,335 rushing yards and Willie Parker has 5,378.

How many rushing yards does Ben Roethlisberger have?

Through the 2010 season, Roethlisberger has 874 career rushing yards on 261 attempts for an average of 3.3. He has 14 career rushing TDs.

How many yards does Drew Brees have?

as of December 28, 2010, he has obtained 479 yards rushing. how about that son.

Who is the SEC QB with most rushing yards in one season?

cam newton 2010

What was the total amount of rushing yards the Pittsburgh Steelers gained in 2010?

The Steelers rushed for 1,924 yards in 2010. Their leading rusher was Rashard Mendenhall with 1,273.

What running back has the most yards this year 2010?


Which dallas cowboy running back won the rushing title in 2010?

No one. The last Dallas Cowboys running back to win a rushing title was Emmitt Smith during the 1995 season.

What was the longest kickoff in Super Bowl 2010?

51 yards

Who ran the most rushing yards in the NFL?

2010: Arian Foster 1,616 yards All time in a season: 1984 Eric Dickerson 2,105 yards All time in a career: 1990-2004 Emmitt Smith 18,355 yards

Who was the last running back to rush for more than 100 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

As avid Steelers and NFL fans know, a running back rushing for over 100 yards in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense is rare. Through the 2010 regular season, the last running back to accomplish this feat was Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. Rice rushed for 141 yards on 30 carries at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on December 27, 2009.

What was the longest field goal kick in the 2010 Super Bowl?

Garrett hartley 47 yards

Which quarterback had the most passing yards 2010 Super Bowl?

Peyton Manning was 31-45 for 333 yards compared to Drew Brees' 32-39 for 288 yards.

How many rushing yards does James starks have on the packers only?

James Starks has only ever played for the packers. He is a rookie as of the 2010 season. He rushed for 101 yards in the regular season. He rushed for 189 in only two games in the post season. So total... he has 290 rushing yards. It is only Jan. 19th right now. He still has two more games to play in the post season if they can beat the bears.

What is the NCAA Division 1 season record for rushing yards by a quarterback?

1,494 by Beau Morgan of Air Force in 1996. Denard Robinson of Michigan is on pace to break this record in 2010

Who is the last white running back to rush for a hundred yards in an NFL game?

Peyton Hillis of Cleveland Browns on November 7, 2010 rushed for 184 yards on 29 carries.

What is the most yards running back arian foster ran in a game?

In the NFL, 231 against the Colts on September 12, 2010.

How many rushing touchdowns did Micheal Vick have in 2010?