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The Steelers rushed for 1,924 yards in 2010. Their leading rusher was Rashard Mendenhall with 1,273.

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Q: What was the total amount of rushing yards the Pittsburgh Steelers gained in 2010?
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How many rushing yards did Earl Campbell run for against steelers?

Earl played in 12 regular season games against the Steelers and gained 683 yards.

Who has the most rushing attempts in a game?

The NFL record for yards gained rushing by a team in a single game is 426 by the Detroit Lions in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates (now Steelers) on November 4, 1934.

What are rushing yards in football?

Rushing yards are yards gained by running the ball instead of passing.

What are facts about Super Bowl XL?

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. The Game was played at Ford Field in Detroit. The Rolling Stones performed at halftime. Willie Parker of the Steelers set a Super Bowl record for longest rushing TD with a 75 yarder in the 3rd quarter. Wide receiver Antwaan Randle El threw a TD pass to Hines Ward in the 4th quarter. Offensively, the Seahawks gained more yards and had more first downs than the Steelers. The Steelers were a 4 point favorite.

What team's 119 offensive yards was the fewest ever for a Super Bowl?

Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes gained 119 net yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl IX.

Who was the last running back to gain 100 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

It was Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. On December 27, 2009, Rice gained 141 yards on 30 carries.

Who gained the Fewest yards in a win?

December 8, 2002 Houston Texans - 26 Pittsburgh Steelers - 3 Texans gain 47 total yards (37 rush; 10 pass)

Who has the second most yards gained rushing in a single game?

chris Johnson

How many rushing yards did Merril Hoge have?

He gained 3139 rushing yards his career.He also gain 2133 receiving yards, and 34 total touchdowns.

WHo gained 122 yards in mondays game steelers vs denver?


What is the current record career of the most professional rushing yards gained?

18, 355 yards.

Was Franco Harris ever chosen as MVP in a Super Bowl?

Yes, Franco Harris was selected MVP of Super Bowl IX won by the Steelers, 16-6, over the Minnesota Vikings. He gained 158 yards on 34 rushing attempts and scored 1 TD.