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I'm not going to name the races, but he will race the DuPont Chevrolet for 14 races in 2011.

So far, DuPont was Jeff Gordon's primary sponsor at:

  • Las Vegas - 3/6
  • Texas - 4/9
  • Richmond - 4/30
  • Dover - 5/15
  • Pocono - 6/12 (win)
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โˆ™ 2011-06-13 00:58:28
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Q: Which races will DuPont sponsor Jeff Gordon in 2011?
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What are the companies that sponsor Jeff Gordon?

There are 3 main companies that sponsor Jeff Gordon and they are DuPont, Pepsi, and United States National Guard. In 2011, Jeff Gordon had primary sponsorship from AARP and their "Drive To End Hunger" campaign for 22 races. DuPont and Pepsi filled the remaining 14 races. These sponsors will stay on for 2012.

Does Jeff Gordon have DuPont on his car in 2011?

Yes and no, because Jeff Gordon is still trying to find sponsorship dollars to run a full sponsor and Steve Letarte might come back as Jeff Gordon's crew chief for 2011. DuPont will still be in the Hendrick Organization. Alan Gustafson will be Jeff Gordon's crew chief in 2011. Steve Letarte is now Dale Jr's crew chief. DuPont will be Jeff's primary sponsor in select races.

How much does Red Bull sponsor Kasey Kahne for?

Kasey Kahne no longer has Red Bull as a sponsor. Kahne was with Red Bull for the 2011 Cup Series season and for five races in 2010.

Who sponsors Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his Nationwide races?

In 2011, Dale Jr. had Hellmann's as a primary sponsor at Daytona in February and at the Bristol race.

Is Kyle Busch out of the M and M's car?

No, he is not. M&M's is still a primary sponsor for Kyle Busch and will return in 2012. Parent company 'Mars' did decide to remove its brand for the remaining two races of 2011. Busch will have Interstate Batteries as his primary sponsor for the last two Cup Series races.

How many times has Jeff Gordon won at Pocono Raceway?

Jeff Gordon won five Nascar Cup Series races at Pocono Raceway. He won in 1996, 1997, 1998, 2007 and 2011.

Is Jeff Gordon racing in 2011?

Yes, Jeff Gordon is racing in 2011.

How many races did Bill Elliott run in 2011?

Bill Elliott ran five races in 2011.

How many races are in the 2011 IndyCar Series?

In 2011, there will be a total of 18 races in the IZOD IndyCar Series.

How many Nascar races did Jeff Gordon win in 2011?

In 2011, Jeff Gordon won three Nascar Cup Series races.February 27th: Subway Fresh Fit 500 (Phoenix)June 12th: 5-Hour Energy 500 (Pocono)September 6th: AdvoCare 500

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