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Kasey Kahne no longer has Red Bull as a sponsor. Kahne was with Red Bull for the 2011 Cup Series season and for five races in 2010.

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Q: How much does Red Bull sponsor Kasey Kahne for?
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How much does kasey kahne weigh?

He weighs around 145 - 150 lbs.

How much is Kasey Kahne worth?

Not sure the exact amount, but I know it's in the millions.

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How much money does Kasey Kahne make?

It varies from race to race, but the total amount of money JUST from Cup Series racing alone is over 40 million dollars.

How much does Kasey Kahne earn in a season?

2009 season he made a little over 4 million for the season according to In his lifetime with the Cup series, he had made over 27 million dollars.

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