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Which quarterbacks from the NY jet history have scored 6 touchdown passes in one game?

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โˆ™ 2008-09-30 19:24:55
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Q: Which quarterbacks from the NY jet history have scored 6 touchdown passes in one game?
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Who scored the first touchdown in football history?

Hunter Wood

Who scored first touchdown for Green Bay Packers?

While there are touchdowns that have made history for the Green Bay Packers there is no known record of the first touchdown being scored nor by whom.

Who holds NFL single season record for touchdown passes?

New England patriots scored 50 touchdown passes in the 07 season with Randy moss grabbing 23 of those. Also set the record for td receptions

How many touchdowns has Peyton Manning scored this year?

Peyton himself has not scored a touchdown, but he has passed to various receivers for a total of, i believe, 22 td passes. What ^ said.

Who scored the longest touchdown in super bowl history?

James Harrison in Super Bowl 43

Who scored the first touchdown in history?

The origins of American football began in 1869. The intercollegiate football game between Rutgers and Princeton took place at Rutgers in 1869. There is no record of what player scored the first touchdown.

Who scored the 1st touchdown for Dallas Cowboys?

The first touchdown in Dallas Cowboys regular season history was scored September 24, 1960 on a 75 yard pass from Eddie LeBaron to tight end Jim Doran.

How many points is a touchdown in the NFL?

Six points are scored for a touchdown.

Who made the first Super Bowl touchdown Jonathan Moreno?

Max "Maxi the Taxi" McGee scored the 1st touchdown in Super Bowl history for the Green Bay Packers.

Who scored the first touchdown in Denver Broncos History?

The first regular season TD in Broncos history was scored by Al Carmichael on a 59 yard pass from Frank Tripucka on September 9, 1960.

What is a touchdown?

== == == == When the ball is advanced past the end zone line it is called a touchdown. It is worth 6 points. A touchdown can be scored on offense or defense by any player. A touchdown can also be scored if there is a fumble in the end zone, and the team that scored on that end zone recovers the fumble.

What is a scrimmage touchdown?

I've never heard that term, but I would assume it means a touchdown scored from a play that originated at the line of scrimmage, as opposed to a touchdown scored on a kickoff return.

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