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Glen J. Sytnyk

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Q: Which players have scored in a European cup final and played for Liverpool?
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How many players have scored on their Liverpool FC debut?


Who Scored The Most European Goals For Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard is the highest scoring player in European competition for Liverpool FC

Which players have scored the winning goal in the European cup finals and have also played for rangers or Celtic?

Tommy Gemmill for Celtic in 1967, and Kenny Dalglish for Liverpool in 1978 (played for Celtic) immediately spring to mind. Anyone else?

Which overseas players have scored goals for 5 different premier league clubs?

Nicolas Anelka has played and scored for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea.

Which Liverpool players have scored in the premier league ending in the letter n?


Which Liverpool players have scored in premiership ending in the letter a?

Riera, garcia, hyypia

Which players have scored for Liverpool in the premier league beginning with letter a?

Agger, Aurelio

Who has scored the most European goals for Liverpool FC?

It is Steven Gerrard with 33

How many Liverpool players with names ending in letter a have scored in champions league?


How many Liverpool players have scored a hat trick in the fa premier league?

From the start of the premier league Liverpool have had 42 players score a hat trick the latest was Suarez

What Liverpool players have scored three goals against Manchester United?

Dirk Kuyt scored three goals against Manchester United

Who scored for Liverpool against utd and utd against Liverpool won trophies in Spain Italy and Scotland played for London club but not country?

Nicholas Anelka. Scored for Liverpool against Man Utd, Scored for Man Utd against Liverpool (own goal for Liverpool). Won premiership with Arsenal. Won champions league with Real Madrid at Hampden Park. Has he played for France though? he's clearly played for France and was born there

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