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Bellamy keane crouch

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Q: What seven players have scored for seven premiership clubs?
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How many players have scored a double hundred in a ashes test?


Seven premiership players who's name begin with z?

Zola Zenden Ziege Zamora Zirkhov

Which seven players have played for Aston villa and Manchester United in the premiership?

Dwight Yorke, Ronny Johnsen,

What player scored seven touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

No one has scored seven touchdowns in a single Super Bowl game.Each of these players scored three touchdowns in a single game.Roger CraigJerry RiceRicky WattersTerrell DavisJerry Rice scored eight Super Bowl touchdowns in his career.

How many English football players cost their clubs seven million?

Three English football players cost their clubs seven million pounds. Manchester United acquired the centre forward Danny Welbeck. Everton acquired the defenders: Leighton Baines and Seamus Coleman.

How many goals did Ian Rush score in the premiership?

The English Premier League was formed in February 1992, so Ian Rush technically scored only five goals in the premiership. From 1980-1996, Rush scored 243 goals for Chester City and Liverpool. He also scored seven goals during his year at Juventus. His total tally of goals in his football career is 254 goals.

Which cricketer scored 29 centuries in his Test career?

A total of 29 Test centuries have been scored by Australian Don Bradman and, as of August 2010, Indian batsman Rahul Dravid. Seven players have scored more centuries as of the time of writing, with Sachin Tendulkar having scored the most, a total of 48.

How many goals has Spain scored in the 2010 World Cup?

they scored seven goals.

What seven players played for the big 4 premiership teams and Spain?

They are David Beckham, Michael Owen, Christiano Rolando and Nickolas Anelka. They all played for Real Madrid , and Manchester united, anelka played for Arsenal.

Name seven Liverpool players whos names end in a who have scored in the premier league?

Arbeloa, Dossena, Hyypia, Riera, Garcia that's 5. Camara, Anelka lucas leiva?

How old was nadia comaneci when she scored a 10?

She scored a 10 seven times acctually, but the first time she scored a 10, she was 14 years old.

How many touchdowns were scored in the 2011 super bowl?


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