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Ryan Giggs the Welsh footballer has scored each year in the E.P.L.

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Q: What players have scored each year of the premiership?
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How many goals has steven Gerrard scored this season so far in the premiership?

Steven Gerrard has scored 4 Premier League Goals this year

On average how much do premiership footballers earn in a year without endorsements?

Premiership players earn an average of 31,000 pounds a week. The best players can receive as much as 250,000 pounds a week.

What is the average pay for an English premiership player?

an average premiership plater gets about 100,00 each year

How many premiership teams are relegated each year?

3 teams relegated each season.

How many goals did Ian Rush score in the premiership?

The English Premier League was formed in February 1992, so Ian Rush technically scored only five goals in the premiership. From 1980-1996, Rush scored 243 goals for Chester City and Liverpool. He also scored seven goals during his year at Juventus. His total tally of goals in his football career is 254 goals.

The highest paid premiership rugby union players?

Carl Hayman former New Zealand Prop at £370,000 a year.

What year did the premiership start?

The year The Premiership started was on February 20, 1992. The Premiership was the replacement for the Old First Division.

How many players are drafted into the NBA each year?

57-60 players a year

Which footballer has scored in every year of the premiership?

Since it was changed from the old Div1 to the Premier League Ryan Giggs is the only player to score in every season including this season 2008/2009. He has scored all these goals for Manchester United.

What players have scored in four consecutive premier league games?

Robin van persie did it this year with arsenal

How many college baseball players are drafted each year?

The highest percentage of college baseball players that get drafted into the MLB each year is about 2.5 percent This would be about 10 rookies per team - or 300 players. The exact number may fluctuate each year.

HOW many players from each college went to the nfl?

The NFL drafts 256 players out of college each year.

Who has scored 30 goals in the premiership?

Super Kevin Phillips for Sunderland - 1999 - 2000 - 30 league goals. He also won the European Golden Boot that year

Which premiership players played for Celtic?

The Sweedish striker Henrick Larson played many years for Celtic in Scotland, but played only a year for Manchester United.

How many players are in the NBA?

The number of players in the NBA varies each year. Each team can carry a maximum of 15 players. But, they can carry as few as 12. So, each year the number of players range anywhere from 360 to 450 since there are 30 teams in the league, so about 500 players.

How much water do NFL football players drink each year?

About 1825 Liters for each year

Who won the premiership in 1997?

Manchester United won the premiership in the year of 1997. During this premiership, they had went against Liverpool and Newcastle.

How many international players are drafted each year in the NBA draft?

With each passing year, more and more international players are being drafted by NBA teams. For the 2009 draft, 13 international players were chosen.

How many players are there in the nba?

each year of number of players range anywhere from 360-450

Who are the five players still playing in the premiership who were playing when it started?

, Ryan giggs , Sol Cambell played from the year 1992. David James Dwight yorke

What year did the Adelaide Crows win their first premiership?

Every premiership when AFL started

How many players are drafted into the NFL each year?

The NFL currently has 32 teams and each team gets 8 draft picks. Therefore, the total number of players drafted into the NFL each year stands at 256.

How many college players make it to the NFL each year?

450 players get picked in the nfl draft

Which year did Liverpool take the premiership?

Liverpool have never "taken" the premiership only Chelsea,Arsenal,Man u and Blackburn Rovers have won the premiership.

Did the Melbourne renegades win a premiership?

Well It depends not last year but they have won a miner premiership