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It could be Henrick Larson.

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Q: Which player has won English league and cup the scottish league and cup a spanish cup and champions league?
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Which player has won the English premier league champions league and scottish premier league?

alley mocyost

What footballer has won the premier league scottish league spanish league champions league?

It is the Swedish player Henrik Larson.

Player who has won the English league scottish league spanish league?

henrik larsson

Which players have won English spanish and champions league?

It is avid Beckham.

Who has won the champions league and played in the scottish premier league?

It is Celtic.

How many teams from the Scottish league qualify for champions league?

Currently, only the winner of the Scottish League qualified directly for the Champions League. For ex- This year Celtic will represent Scotland in the CL.

Which footballer has won the English Premiership Scottish premiership UEFA Champions league and the UEFA Cup?

Andre kanchelskis

What player has won the Premier league the Scottish premier league and the champions league for three different teams?

giovanni van brockhurst, scottish league with Rangers, Premiership with Arsenal and Champions league with Barcelona. Steven. Glasgow.

Top English goalscorer in the champions league?

Paul Scholes is currently the top English goalscorer in the Champions League.

How many spanish teams have played in the champions league?

The top two teams in the Spanish La liga qualify for the Champions League.

What player has won world cup champions league premier league scottish?

Basil Boli

Is there Scottish players who have won the champions league?

Paul Lambert won it with Dortmund

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