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Derek Jeter is the Yankees all-time hit leader.

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Q: Which player has the most career hits as a New York Yankee?
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Which New York Yankee had the most hits at the old Yankee Stadium in his career?

Derek Jeter with 1,274 hits.

How many career hits did Lou Gehrig have in Yankee Stadium?

Lou Gehrig had 1,269 hits in Yankee Stadium.

What New York Yankee had 2221 hits in his career counting regular season games and World Series play?

Yogi Berra

What player with the most hits was traded to the New York Yankees?

No player with the most hits in MLB was traded to the Yankees. Pete Rose has the most hits in baseball history and he was never a Yankee. The old record was held by Ty Cobb and he also was not a Yankee.

Which New York Yankees player has the most hits in the regular season?

Don Mattingly had the most hits in a season as a Yankee with 238 in 1986.

Who has the most hits as a New York Yankee?

Derek Jeter

Which New York Yankee holds the record for the most hits at the old Yankee Stadium?

Derek Jeter

How many hits did Lou Gehrig have with the New York Yankees?

Lou Gehrig had 2,721 hits as a New York Yankee.

What is carrer hits?

A player's career hits are the amount of hits they had in their entire major league career.

What is New York Yankee record for most hits in a season?

lou gehrig

How many hits did Yogi Berra have?

Yogi Berra ended his career with 2,150 hits. Yogi had 2,148 as a Yankee and 2 as a Met.

How many hits did Derek Jeter need for most career hits at Yankee Stadium?

Derek Jeter finished the 2008 season with 1,274 total hits at Yankee Stadium. He is now the all-time leader, passing Lou Gehrig's total of 1,269.

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