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Edwin Van der sar is a player who played for both Ajax and Manchester United.

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Q: Who has played for both Ajax and Manchester united past and present?
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Which players have played for both Ajax and united?

Edwin van DerSar has played for both ajax and Manchester united.

When is kick off for Manchester united vs Ajax Europa league 2012?

The Europa League match between Manchester United and Ajax kicked off at 20:05 GMT.

Which players have played for both Ajax and Manchester United except for Van der Sar?

Easy! Van Der Sar. Jaap Stam.

Who are the best teams top 20 in Europe?

Manchester United Real Madrid Barcelona Ajax

Can you buy shares in soccer teams?

Yes, some soccer teams. For example Manchester United (England), Ajax (Netherlands).

Which 3 players have played in all what games Real Madrid - Barcelona and Glasgow rangers - Celtic and arsenal - Manchester united and feyenoord - Ajax?

Van Bronckhorst, Larsson and ...

Which soccer teams have won the treble?

Celtic, Ajax, Eindhoven, and Manchester United. These are the only European teams that have won the real Treble.

What ex Portsmouth players have won the champion league?

The Two Portsmouth players to have won the champion league are Kanu with Ajax and Teddy sherringham with Manchester United.

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What is best name of football team in the world?

Barcelona and Real Madridthe most expensive one is Manchester United, UK, of course then there are Ajax (Amsterdam) and Feyenoord (Rotterdam) these are in Holland.

Famous soccer teams in Europe?

The most famous are Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, A.C.Milan, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Hamburg, Ajax, Feynord.

Top ten winners of European champions league?

Real Madrid. Liverpool. A.c. Milan. Juventus. Manchester United F.C.Porto. Barcelona. Ajax. Inter Milan. Olympique Marseille.

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