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Q: Which player has 3 world cup medals?
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What football player won 3 medals in the world cup?

The only person to win three world cup medals is Pele.

Who is the only rugby player that has 3 Heineken Cup Medals and 2 Guinness Premiership medals?

eoin reddan

Which 3 footballers have world cup and European cup winners medals?

The three French footballers Theirry Henry, Zinadine Zidane and David Trezeguet have won both world cup and Euro cup medals.

Who played in 3 World Cup finals?

The Brazalian Pele is the only footballer to play in three world cup finals . And is also theonly footballer to win three world cup final medals.

Which 3 English footballers have won world cup and European cup winners medals?

Bobby charlton,nobby stiles and ian callaghan

Who won 3 winners medals fifa world cup?

Pele won three World Cups with Brazil in 1958, 1962 & 1970.

How many player on the field during the world cup?

there is 3 on the field

Who is the only player to win the world cup 3 times?


What has Usain Bolt achieved?

Wining 3 Olympic gold medals, 3 World Championship medals, and 3 world records.

Which player won the world cup 3 times?

The only footballer to win the world cup three times is the Brazilian Pele.

How many medals has Sarah walker won?

BMX rider Sarah Walker of New Zealand has won 9 medals in World Championship competition (3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze) and 2 medals in Supercross World Cup competition (2 bronze). She has not won an Olympic medal. She placed 4th in women's BMX at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Which famous soccer player has won the world cup 3 times?

Pele (Brazil)

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