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andy cole

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Q: Which player as played for 8 premierships teams?
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Which player has played for 8 premiership teams?

Marcus Bent?

How many premierships has Geelong won?

Geelong has won 8 premierships.

Which player has played for 8 english premier league teams?

Marcus Bent

Who is the afl coach that has won the most premierships?

Jock McHale, Collingwood - 8 premierships.

What nba player has played on 8 different teams?

Kobe Bryant and Michael Vick

Who has won most afl premierships as player and coach in total?

After some research, I believe the answer to be that there are 3 different people who answer to achieving the most premierships as VFL-AFL players and coaches: The first was Jock McHale, who won 2 premierships solely as a player for Collingwood - the first being in 1903 - his first year at the club. He then went on to coach Collingwood to a record 8 premierships = 10 total premierhips. The second was Norm Smith, who played for Melbourne Football Club from 1937. He played in 4 premierships for the club. Later he went on to coach 6 premierships over an 11 year period = 10 total premierhips. The third was Ron Barassi, who played for Melbourne, winning 6 Premierhips as a player only with that club. Following his time at Melbourne, he accepted a coaching opportunity with Carlton, which club won 2 premierships during his short stay with the club. He then went on to coach North Melbourne for a further 2 premierships = 10 total premierships! However, of those premierhips, some won by Ron Barassi and Jock McHale were achieved as playing coaches.

In the NRL how much premierships did the bulldogs win?


What number of basketball teams played the NCAA tournament in 1939?

8 teams have played the first year of the tourny

How many teams played in the 1st NCAA tournament in 1939?

Only 8 teams played in the first NCAA tournament.

Which player as played for the most different NFL teams in a single season?


How many premiership cups has Geelong won?

The Geelong Football Club has won 8 premierships (1925, 1931, 1937, 1951, 1952, 1963, 2007, 2009). Actually, in the earlier decades of Australian Football, the teams played off for a premiership flag; it was later changed to a cup.

How many premierships have Brisbane lions won?

3 as Brisbane Lions and 8 as Fitzroy

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