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B: Volleyball

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Q: Which of the follwing would not be considered to be a non traditional sport?
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Which would not be considered anon-traditional sport?

marathon race

Would not be considered a non-traditional sport?

: Vollyball lauderdale Florida nikka!

What is Italy's traditional sport?

soccer would have to be italys traditional sport. = =

: which of the following would not be considered a non-traditional sport apex?

what are two ways scientists use evidence of past environments preserved in rock?

Is rock climbing considered a nontraditional sport?

I guess it is technically a sport because there are competitions. But if you ask any climber they would probably tell you that they consider it to be a hobby, not a sport - like hiking. Based on that, I would definitely say non-traditional.

Is there a sport without rules?

No, or else it would not be considered a sport.

Would horseback riding be considered a recreational sport?

well i call it a real sport

What would be considered traditional clothing in Jamaica?


Which would not be considered a non - traditional sport?

Among many others I'm sure, Skydiving would be fairly non-traditional. There are many competitive skydiving disciplines, including various free-fall formation skydiving events. Various canopy piloting competitions. Freefall fall rate speed, and the earliest being Style and Accuracy.

Softball is considered what kind of sport?

I would consider it a team sport. To further answer this question, I need more detail on what you are asking!

What would be considered traditional clothing in China?

Chinese clothing

What would be considered traditional clothing in Israel?

Anything modest and conservative.

What is the negative opinion of traditional food?

It would be impossible to say without any definition of traditional.What is traditional in one area is not traditional in a different place or country. For instance traditional Japanese food would not be considered so in the UK for instance. Therefore opinions would differ as to the taste and value of the foodstuff.

What is some traditional clothing in Ireland?

The traditional wear in Ireland would most likely be considered the kilt it is wool green cloth

Which of the follwing would form a nonelectrolyte solution in water?


What are some traditional Jewish desserts?

What is considered a traditional Jewish desserts depends on where in the world the individual comes from. A Jew from Europe would have different traditional desserts than a Jew from North Africa, etc.

What Chinese sports is called the gentle sports?

Any sport would be considered a gentle sport for any chinese imigrant, due to the fact of small testicles

In the middle ages what sport was played in the forest?

Nobles would often go hunting for boar, deer, etc. in the forest. This was considered a popular sport at the time.

What sport(s) are considered safe for kids?

It really depends on your child's interest. Obviously, football would not be a good sport for him, but baseball, soccer, tennis, trackand volleyball would all be possible options for him.

What is the popular traditional japanese sport?

Sumo wrestlings would be a popular Japanese sport though that popularity has been on a decline. Judo, Kendo and Karate may also count though they double as a martial arts.

At what sporting event would you see a matador perform?

You would see a matador at a bullfight. However, bullfighting is not considered a sport but an art.

Is crossfit considered a sport?

I'll answer your question with a question. Is there a professional crossfit league? It is basically just working out so I would say it isn't a sport.

What measures would you take to ensure clients receive appropriate care?

by follwing their care plan

Is chess sport or hobby?

This is a very arguable question. Chess can always be considered a hobby, because it's an elected pastime that can be played often, and enjoyably. Although, a lot of people would say chess is not a sport, it actually is considered as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. Some people would disagree with this, as sports are normally required to be physical and entertaining by definition.

What is a traditional style necklace as compared to a modern one?

A traditional style necklace is more oldfashioned. Something like a strand of pearls or and oriental jade necklace would be considered traditional. Modern necklaces are often beadwork and bulky.

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