Is water skiing considered a sport?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Yes, water skiing is considered a sport.

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Q: Is water skiing considered a sport?
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What exactly is Nordic skiing?

Nordic skiing is a type of skiing where the heel of the boot is not attached to the ski. Nordic skiing is still considered to be a winter sport or activity.

Is jet skiing a sport?

No jet skiing is not a sport.

A sport in which you ski on water while being towed by a motorboat?

Water skiing

What is the origin of skiing?

Skiing originated in Norway, and it was used by the people there to get along quicker while hunting. It is also considered the worlds oldest sport.

Why is helicopter skiing considered an extreme sport?

For a few reasons helicopter skiing is considered an extreme sport. One of which includes the fact that the skier freerides on very high terrain where no trails can be found. Thick snow requires strong legs and good skills.

What is a sport involving water?

surfing, sailing, swimming, water polo, and a triathlon, water skiing, wake boarding

What is la roux's favorite sport?

She is not a sport person at all. She does not really like any sport but skiing. She absolutely loves skiing and she has not done it for a long time. So skiing is her fave sport.

How fast is the sport water skiing growing?

real fast boys real fast

Is skiing a great sport?

yeah if you are intrested in skiing

For which sport would you practice on nursery slopes?


What sport combines water skiing snowboarding surfing?

You can buy "The Wave" skateboard. go to

How do you spell sking?

The correct spelling for the form of the verb to ski is skiing (snow or water sport).