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When David Beckham joined Real Madrid, he chose the number 23 shirt because of his admiration for Michael Jordan.

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Q: Which number shirt has been worn by both Michael Jordan and David Beckham?
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i was told the richest sportsman is tiger woods and the second richest is Floyd Mayweather.

What famous sport star wear number 23?

David Beckham Michael Jordan LeBron James (used to) Blake Griffin (in college)

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Probably David Beckham since he seems to more talked about these days

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David Beckham wore the jersey number 7.

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it is 7

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The big difference between David Beckham and Michel Owen is that Beckham is a midfielder , while Michel Owen is a striker, and Beckham is a free kick specialist, while Owen is a poacher and header of goals.

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Andrey Arshavin . . . David Beckham

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