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Ucla (UCLA)

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Q: Which ncaa school has the most national championship titles in college sports?
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Which college has the most championship in all sports?


What are some of the Virginia sports?

college sports but no national teams

Which ncaa division one school has won the most national championships in all college sports combined?


What is the motto of Willenhall School Sports College?

Willenhall School Sports College's motto is 'Dum tempus habemus'.

What are sports teams from Nevada?

If you are talking about national sports no college yes

When was National Joint Committee on Extramural Sports for College Women created?

National Joint Committee on Extramural Sports for College Women was created in 1957.

Popularity of High School and College Sports?

The popular High School and College Sports are Rugby,Football and Hockey. Not Soccer as much.

Has the University of Dayton won any National Championship in any sport men's or women's?

The Dayton Flyers have not won a National Championship in any men's or women's sports.

What top sports college has won more than 100 NCAA championship?


How many college athletes have won nationial championships in 2 different sports?

Jared Mitchell & Chad Jones, Louisiana State University. On January 7, 2008 won the NCAA Football National Championship . On June 24, 2009 won the NCAA Baseball National Championship

In what sports did the University of Florida win a National Championship?

football(1996,2006,2008) and basketball(2006,2007

What does the term national championship refer to?

National championship could be described or referred to as a very high achievement reached by a particular sports group among various nations. This can be observed in sports like football or rugby among others.

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